Adam Kilburn

Adam Kilburn

Adam Kilburn is known for being an extremely well-prepared, tireless advocate who puts their clients’ interests first. Putting his heart and soul into every case he undertakes, Adam remains dedicated to providing justice for those wrongfully convicted or underrepresented by providing a just defense.

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Early Life and Education

Adam Kilburn hails from Louisiana but was raised in Meadville (PA). He earned both a Bachelor of Science from Louisiana State University and Juris Doctorate from Southern University School of Law before joining The Johnson Firm as an attorney practicing family, criminal defense, and personal injury law.

Adam derives his name from the Hebrew term adam, used in Genesis 1-5 to refer to humanity and individual humans alike. Adam may have received this moniker either through Hebrew adm (meaning redness) or Akkadian adamu which means create. Adamu also served as God’s name in various biblical and religious legends.

Professional Career

Adam Kilburn is a senior executive of JLL Canada. In Edmonton, he heads up their Capital Markets platform that offers advisory and transaction services throughout Western Canada. Adam brings 12 years of commercial real estate brokerage experience to JLL Canada.

Professional Snooker Player and currently competing on the Cuestars Tour

He has been actively engaged in Wilmington community, serving on several boards and committees. These include President of Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce, Twin Valley Facilities Committee and Bi-Town Committee as well as SeVEDS and Wilmington Works membership and Pettee Memorial Library Trustee and School Board memberships.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Kilburn obtained both a bachelor’s degree in business management from Louisiana State University and a Juris Doctorate degree from Southern University. Currently he works at The Johnson Firm – a law firm located in Baton Rouge that specializes in family, criminal defense and personal injury cases.

Kilburn received multiple honors and awards during his service with the Marine Corps, including one known as “Spirit of Basilone Award.”

Basilone was a revered Marine gunner from World War I who distinguished himself through multiple engagements and eventually led an armoured machine gun section at “Kilo” Company of 3rd Bn. 5th Marines. This medal bears his name.

Goons Up have developed the award in order to recognize those who exemplify Basilone’s spirit and have presented it ten times since. Nominations from units across the Corps were also received for consideration of this prestigious accolade.

Personal Life

Adam Kilburn has kept his personal life private, marrying Ashley Johnson and having three sons with her.

Born and raised in Wilmington, Vermont, he has been actively engaged with the community for over two decades, serving on multiple committees and boards – both as board member and executive director of Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce; Wilmington Works; Pettee Memorial Library Trustees; Twin Valley School Board and Wilmington Planning Commission among many others.

Adam Kilburn is a highly prepared and aggressive crime attorney, dedicated to representing his clients’ best interests. As such, he has overturned convictions in State and Federal courts as well as uncovering evidence suppressed by authorities that has proved their innocence.

Net Worth

Net worth is an indicator of one’s financial status. It accounts for assets like real estate, business properties, cars and personal savings against liabilities such as credit card debts and mortgage payments.

Adam Kilburn may or may not have revealed the extent of his wealth; it’s likely a product of a successful television hosting and acting career, as well as being responsible for creating a popular YouTube channel and merchandise line with millions in sales revenue.

Adam Kilburn unfortunately experienced a difficult divorce which seriously reduced his net worth, yet the damage appears to have mostly subsided now and his finances have recovered and his empire continues to expand. It’s an inspiring example of how successful businessmen can turn even difficult situations into opportunities that benefit all involved parties involved.

Adam Kilburn
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