Adam Kuhlman

Neurology Specialist Adam Kuhlman

Adam Kuhlman is a Neurology Specialist practicing in Royal Oak and three other Michigan locations. He graduated from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2013 and holds board certification status.

He specializes in treating Headache, Dystonia and Migraine and accepts various insurance plans; additionally he is associated with Beaumont Hospital of Troy and Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak.

Early Life and Education

The first eight years are of paramount importance to a child’s growth and social learning. This period marks significant brain development as well as creating an identity for themselves.

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Professional Career

Adam Kuhlman serves as a portfolio manager on Nuveen’s international equities team and oversees their ongoing development of systematic research within an integrated investment process. Additionally, he provides sector coverage within Nuveen International Equities Team.

He graduated from Bellefonte Area High School and then earned a B.S.E.E. in electrical engineering at Penn State University, residing in Bellefonte Pennsylvania during this time. When not working, he enjoys reading or socializing with friends – the best parts of his career being all the people and memories that have come his way along his journey – which hopefully continue in future years to make life fulfilling – with one goal in mind – doing what you can in each moment to advance forwards towards excellence!

Achievement and Honors

Kuhlman achieved great heights as a television host, becoming one of the most sought-after evangelists within Pentecostal and charismatic churches, writing both a book and television program to lead people closer to Christ.

Kuhlman earned numerous distinctions throughout her career. She received a Fulbright scholarship, the Distinguished Service Award, and was acknowledged as an exceptional teacher.

When applying to college, it’s essential to highlight achievements that stand out as outstanding achievements that go above and beyond what’s expected by admissions officers. Such examples might include perfect attendance in high school, winning a spelling bee contest or participating in science or book trivia contests or the Quiz Bowl.

Personal Life

One of adam kuhlman’s more interesting endeavors is his role as director on the animated King of the Hill television series, as well as Tom and Jerry movies and Fire and Ice. Despite a busy schedule, he still finds time for family life: wife, two kids, sports fandom (Chicago Bears fan!) golf and reading (a favorite pass time). When not working or watching Chicago Bears games he likes relaxing with good books or taking time for R&R at Northwestern University where he serves on Board of Directors men’s Basketball program team (varsity team).

Adam Kuhlman
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