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Adam Lovinger, a Defense Contractor With a Brainiac – A Defense Contractor With a Brainiac

Adam Lovinger has represented victims of domestic violence and advocated for reform of the criminal justice system. In addition, he runs an active pro bono practice while simultaneously being an educator who has assisted students in developing their legal abilities.

He holds appointments at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, McCourt School of Public Policy and McDonough School of Business as an academic professor.

Early Life and Education

Adam Lovinger has spent 12 years at the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment (ONA), but recently received notification that his top-secret security clearance has been suspended. ONA produces highly classified reports that assess military threats decades into the future.

Sources close to the matter claim that Lovinger had his TS-SCI clearance revoked due to his pro-Trump sentiments and disagreement with James Baker, his supervisor at ONA. Lovinger reportedly found fault with Baker’s management style as well as his approach in dealing with threats from radical Islamists, Iran, and China.

Sean Bigley, Lovinger’s attorney, claims his clearance has been taken away as an act by anti-Trump bureaucrats using their official powers for political gain and says his client now performs low-level administrative work at the Pentagon.

Professional Career

Adam Lovinger has extensive experience representing startups, tech companies, creatives and entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries. Leveraging his in-depth understanding of tools used by developers and designers to craft damages models that maximize recovery for his clients.

He worked at the Office of Net Assessment (ONA), providing direct support on long-term strategy to the Secretary of Defense. Andrew Marshall had led ONA since 1973 until his retirement in 2015. Andrew taught him much during this period.

Sources report that Lovinger caused James Baker ire with his pro-Trump views and links to Flynn. Additionally, Lovinger disagreed with Baker on ONA’s approach towards radical Islam, Iran and China; leading Baker to initiate two investigations of Lovinger.

Achievement and Honors

Longtime Pentagon employee Lovinger received high marks on his most recent biannual evaluation and bonus, earning a brainiac nickname from one of his colleagues known as Yoda based on how adeptly he performed his duties. Furthermore, Lovinger earned an E rating on an incident which ultimately resulted in him losing his security clearance.

He worked at the Office of Net Assessment (ONA), which assesses future military strategies for the Department of Defense. Andrew Marshall – ONA founder and legendary director – once described him as one of the greatest strategic thinkers he’d ever met.

At present, he works as both an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s schools of business and public policy as well as being a partner in Bigley Ranish LLP’s national-security law division.

Personal Life

Lovinger served in various capacities within the Office of Net Assessment (ONA), where he provided direct support on long-term strategy to the Secretary of Defense and general counsel services for operational reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, he holds adjunct professorships at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, McCourt School of Public Policy and McDonough School of Business.

Sean Bigley, Lovinger’s attorney, claims the Pentagon withdrew Lovinger’s Top-Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS-SCI) clearance on May 1, 2017, accusing him of improperly and unknowingly taking out classified material for review in an inappropriate location outside its authorized secure space. Bigley asserts the move by the Pentagon was political revenge against Flynn as they targeted White House National Security Council analyst who worked under him.

Net Worth

Adam Lovinger takes home a six-figure salary as a national security adviser at the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment, or ONA. He earned his undergraduate degree from University of Pennsylvania before receiving master’s and doctorate degrees from Columbia and Georgetown universities respectively. Prior to working for government, Adam practiced international project finance law at London-based law firms Clifford Chance and Freshfields.

Daily Intel reported on Lovinger, who had his Top Secret security clearance revoked after alerting the Pentagon of research contracts awarded based on political connections rather than merit. Following this disclosure he was removed from his National Security Council detail and put on administrative leave.

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert proposed legislation in response to the Lovinger case that would seek to combat Washington’s unpunished practice of revoking or suspending security clearances as punishment for whistleblowing activities.

Adam Lovinger
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