Adam Reeves

Adam Reeves

Adam Reeves is an internet personality best known for his viral video “Robot Shining a Laser in Your Eye,” now belonging to Offline TV – an online social entertainment group for content creators.

He is an experienced full-stack developer with expertise in Web APIs and embedded systems, who co-founded Infibit LLC – an innovative tech startup.

Early Life and Education

Adam Reeves was born in Nashua, New Hampshire to parents who both work as businessmen; their mother is an excellent homemaker who also takes great pleasure in raising their daughter, whom Adam adores dearly. Adam also has one adoring sister.

At an early stage in his schooling journey, he completed early schooling at a local high school before enrolling at a private university to study business management and entrepreneurship. Now working within his family business – providing services and living life among the families in his local community is very rewarding to him.

Reeves has experienced many tragic circumstances throughout his life, yet always strives to remain positive and help those in need.

Reeves endured a challenging childhood as he struggled with dyslexia, an auditory/visual learning disorder that affects how information is perceived both verbally and written down. Due to this disability he was frequently alone or faced numerous barriers during life.

Professional Career

Adam Reeves has made his living creating videos about robots and new technologies on YouTube – his channel currently boasts over 7 million subscribers!

He began creating videos while in college. His first, entitled “The Robot that Shines a Laser in Your Eye,” became highly-viewed.

Offline TV, a group of Los Angeles Twitch streamers who produce videos about technology. He has also collaborated with other institutions and become known for his robotics videos.

Achievement and Honors

He earned his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Hawaii and went on to found Infibit LLC – which provides software solutions – on his own.

He earned an Honors Award from the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts for his mathematics research, as well as receiving a President’s Scholarship for academic excellence.

He loves exploring robotic technology, posting his videos on YouTube and cultivating an impressive fan base across social media.

Personal Life

Adam Reeves has always had an enthusiasm for modeling and making people laugh, with great success at doing both. Over time he has amassed a substantial fan following.

He and Avani Gregg share a strong bond and are quite close.

Reeves is an iconic social media star with millions of followers across Instagram and YouTube channels.

Since April 15, 2016, he has created and uploaded numerous popular videos, such as “The Robot That Shines a Laser in Your Eye,” “Trigger Me Elmo,” and “Hate Your Robot Ideas.”

Net Worth

Adam Reeves is a Canadian actor. He began his acting career by performing stage acting roles and theater productions across Canada before relocating to Los Angeles to further pursue acting opportunities.

He appeared as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and its sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey in both comedic roles. Additionally, he co-founded alternative rock band Dogstar.

Reeves had amassed a net worth of $1 Million as of 2021. His fan base is vast, and he makes money through advertisements placed on Instagram.

Anthony Reeves stands 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 75 kg. He features brown messy hair and blue eyes with his long tongue sticking out during some of his videos; additionally, he loves wearing Christ-signed earrings.

Adam Reeves

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