Adam Rich

Adam Rich (Film911)

Early Life and Education

Adam (Hugh Dancy) is a young man with Asperger syndrome living alone in an apartment in New York City and spending much of his time either gazing upon the stars through his telescope, or working on his observatory. Although he prefers not socializing too much, Harlan Keyes (Ben Whishaw) remains his constant friend; upon the death of his father he must leave his apartment but soon meets Beth Buchwald (Rose Byrne), an aspiring children’s book writer living within her building – both begin developing feelings towards each other before finally moving out altogether.

Max Mayer created Adam from an interview he conducted with an Asperger’s syndrome sufferer and conducted extensive research before filming began. Additionally, Beth was inspired by real people living with Aspergers syndrome whom Max knew personally.

Professional Career

Adam has enjoyed an accomplished and successful career both on stage and film. Nominated for best leading man in Band of Brothers, and also serving as lead character in Billy Elliot the musical, Adam received two nominations. His most memorable performance as the pack leader in “The Huntsman” earned him a Best Actor Award from the Academy. Adams has appeared in multiple theatre productions, such as “Consent,” which received critical acclaim, as well as its recent televised version. Beyond film and television roles, Adams is well known as an advocate for charity work; he serves as founding board member of Youthville nonprofit and was recently granted honorary title of Philanthropist by Detroit city authorities.

Personal Life

Adam is a young adult with Autism living in Manhattan. His close friend Harlan Keyes provides essential support and helps him cope with his condition. Adam’s obsession is space exploration while his extensive memory serves him well – however his obsession over details and repetitive behaviors cost him his job at toy manufacturing company and got him into legal issues when mistook for sexual predator.

Once Beth Buchwald moves in above Adam, she finds him to be eccentric but takes an immediate liking to him. Although their initial attempts at dating proved challenging, eventually Beth sent Adam her children’s book about Asperger syndrome which opened her eyes – she realized she loved Adam immediately!

Net Worth

Adam Rich was a famous child actor best known for his role in the TV series Eight Is Enough. At just 9 years old when he first made his debut, Rich quickly rose to become one of the industry’s biggest stars – leading to an estimated net worth of $500 thousand at his death on January 20, 2023.

Adam Rich
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