Adam Shirley

Adam Shirley – Presenter of Mornings on ABC Radio Canberra

Adam Shirley will present Mornings on ABC Radio Canberra from next year and also co-host its Breakfast program alongside Dan Bourchier. In doing so he will replace Genevieve Jacobs who previously held down this crucial 8.30am-9am slot and give listeners something different from their morning radio experience.

Shirley works with steel as his medium, exploring form and volume through model-sized flat pieces that leave scale and function interpretation open to interpretation by viewers. He has displayed his pieces at group, two-person, and solo exhibitions across the United States.

Early Life and Education

Adam Shirley was born and raised in Strathroy and accepted Christ at an early age. While in high school he enjoyed an academically challenging environment while participating in numerous athletic teams. Later he attended University of Waterloo where he earned a degree in history before going on to Althouse College London for further graduate work.

Jacob Shirley and his wife moved to Orange County Indiana in 1815 where land had been entered for him by their late father Valentine who had died there a decade earlier. Here they lived on land that belonged to Valentine.

Adam hosts ABC Radio Canberra’s Mornings program and is widely recognized for his respectful and empathetic interview techniques with young people. Together with co-host Ainslie Macgibbon, Adam is known for their respectful interview skills with young people; together they work closely with the Youth Coalition to highlight issues such as youth homelessness; lowering voting age to 18; and the lack of employment and work experience opportunities available to young people.

Professional Career

Adam Shirley teaches at London Christian Academy. He enjoys the challenge that teaching brings and in his free time enjoys reading, supporting local football team matches, traveling short breaks and taking photographs.

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Achievement and Honors

Shirley has garnered both academic and professional success; among other activities he has served as a guest teacher at various institutions such as Colorado State University during their National Association of Teachers of Singing’s Intern Program held annually since June 2012; additionally he has participated on many scholarly panels as well as judged vocal competitions globally.

He has participated in multiple two and group shows throughout Detroit, New York and The Netherlands and been honored with several awards from Wayne State University.

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Personal Life

Adam Shirley lives with his wife Ashley in London. He enjoys both sports and academic challenges and believes God has called him to serve through education. Together with his family he attends North Park Community Church.

Ainslie Macgibbon and Adam Shirley have consistently demonstrated sensitivity and respect when interviewing young people on ABC Radio Canberra’s ‘Mornings with Adam Shirley’ program, raising awareness for issues impacting broader youth communities. It’s to their credit that their commitment is admirable.

He moved to Richland County IL and set up beehives. However, when his crop failed and people needed flour desperately, he hoarded large quantities of it but would only sell or grind it at exorbitant rates.

Adam Shirley
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