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Adams A30s Review

Adams golf clubs are designed for maximum game improvement and incorporate hybrid technology into long irons. However, unlike most hybrids, Adams Idea series replaces your 3, 4, and 5 irons with what are known as “boxer” hybrids.

Adams Boxer Technology features high MOI and straighter ball flight for every club in this set, producing higher MOI and straighter ball flight for greater performance and enjoyment.

Early Life and Education

Adams always desired becoming a minister; however, he found more solace in art than being ministered to. An exceptional pianist and later landscape photographer, Adams sought to master both fields.

Adams was an active conservationist who greatly impacted national consciousness with his philosophy and optimism.

Adams’s work, built around an extended motif, conveys an amazing range of responses ranging from childish curiosity and languorous pleasure, through biblical excitement and recognition of an austere natural world where human priorities do not always serve human interests. He was the inheritor of romantic tradition in nineteenth century American landscape painting and photography and an inspiration to American Transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.

Professional Career

Adams was an esteemed member of the Z-Boys Skateboarding Crew and made headlines for his run-ins with law enforcement; this led him to feature in Dogtown And Z Boys in 2001.

He created hybrid clubs specifically tailored for average golf players that combine the benefits of both woods and irons in order to get their ball airborne over water or through thick vegetation more quickly and safely. They come available both right- and left-handed and come with either regular or stiff shaft options for greater control and versatility.

TaylorMade did not see much use in acquiring Adams, which catered more towards intermediate players than it does now, however the Adams name certainly made an impactful mark on hybrid design – something evidenced by two tweets from TaylorMade Twitter account that were very interesting indeed.

Personal Life

Adams remains active in the skateboard community and works as a personal trainer, charging clients PS700 for 20 one-on-one training sessions. Additionally, he was featured on ITV reality series Love Island as romantically linked to Kendall Rae-Knight before moving on to Rosie Williams and eventually ending their relationship.

Adam enjoys skating in his free time and supporting Liverpool FC, in addition to graduating from University of Newcastle and playing golf as a keen hobby.

TaylorMade purchased Adams Golf back in 2010, causing many of their fans to worry that TaylorMade would take control of Adams Blue – their recreational line – without disrupting TaylorMade’s focus. But that has not happened: TaylorMade continues to focus on serious players while Adams Blue remains unchanged and remains available to casual golfers.

Net Worth

At the time of its acquisition by TaylorMade, Adams wasn’t a major retail player; however, its share in metalwoods market attracted TaylorMade’s notice, as did its reputation for setting hybrid standards. When Adams announced it was closing down its doors many fans were understandably dismayed unless they’d known this would happen all along; otherwise it could be seen as routine tire kicking; in which case an explanation could be offered as to why this happened in advance – perhaps by means of regular tire-kicking before this announcement would have sufficed – at least superficially.

adams a30s
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