Adam’s Desire

Adam’s Desire by Igshaan Adams

Igshaan Adams’ intricate tapestries explore the gaps and absences in lived spaces. His sculptural approach to weaving features beads, shells, glass rods, rope, and wire weaving; emphasizing both material elements associated with living environments as well as personal stories contained therein.

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Early Life and Education

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Adams draws inspiration from her hometown, Bonteheuwel in South Africa, to explore its many complexities as both an intimately personal space brimming with childhood memories and familial relationships as well as a politically charged place, marred by violence and decades of trauma. Through rematerializing paths in recovered linoleum floors from family homes or tracing “desire lines,” informal pathways created by pedestrians to both cross boundaries and transgress them, Adams employs her trace as an active site of visibility and agency.

Professional Career

Adams is an advocate for Alaskan wilderness preservation. Working alongside The Wilderness Society on Alaska National Interest Land legislation and holding numerous successful meetings with important Members of Congress about this matter.

Adams sees it as his duty as a Black male educator to remain in the classroom in order to serve students of color. According to him, teaching with a culturally responsive lens is the key factor in student success.

He co-hosts a podcast called, “Too Dope Teachers and a Mic” with fellow teacher Gerardo Munoz in which they engage in comedy while also sharing insights into race relations in Hollywood and advice to new teachers on making it in their professions. Their audience has taken notice and the podcast has amassed quite an audience online.

Achievement and Honors

Adams was a sizar of Cambridge University, meaning his living expenses were covered by them. Additionally, he became a fellow of Pembroke College. Additionally, Adams was an exceptional mathematician and made important contributions to science.

He provided honors students with guidance and instruction in critical thinking skills and probing previously unasked questions. Furthermore, he was an accomplished writer having published many articles in leading journals.

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Personal Life

Igshaan Adams uses performance, weaving, and sculpture to explore gaps in knowledge: information that seems absent, overlooked, or rendered invisible. His extensive practice relies on topographical research into boundaries and divisions to craft intricate material structures.

His practice is informed by his experience growing up in Bonteheuwel township of Cape Town under apartheid, which was marked by segregated neighborhoods. Being Creole with Malay roots and openly queer himself, his work explores notions of belonging and identity.

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Net Worth

Adams is a well-recognized radio DJ and reality television star, appearing on various programs such as Home & Family, Celebrity Family Feud and The Bachelorette. Additionally, he hosts his own radio shows on ALT983 and 1059TheRock.

He earned acclaim as both an adept litigator and skilled mediator, which earned him an appointment to lead GrowSouth, a program meant to improve education and economic development in Dallas’ District 10. In particular, his talents lie in negotiating revisions to minimum property standards, leading changes to nuisance-abatement laws and devising an action plan designed to address some of Dallas’s pressing issues.

Adam is also an active philanthropist who volunteers his services with the Bryan Adams Foundation and an advocate for animal rights, frequently conducting photoshoots for PETA to spread its mission.

Adam’s Desire
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