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Eve: Adam’s Helper

Eve was created to fulfill an essential need in Adam. Every other animal had their mate, yet Adam felt lonely and distant from society. She met that need by providing companionship.

God promises that He would create someone to assist with his plan, so it’s vital that we grasp its full meaning.

Early Life and Education

Early years are essential in the development of children, as they develop essential social-emotional skills that set them up for future success. When immersed in an nurturing environment, children build their confidence and learn how to express themselves effectively in healthy ways. High-quality early childhood education also enables children to achieve their full potential academically as well as beyond.

Genesis tells us that God created Eve to assist Adam; however, the Bible doesn’t provide details as to exactly what this assistance entailed – whether sexual intimacy, procreation, or some form of power she brings him.

UNESCO has included early childhood development as one of its Sustainable Development Goals since 2015, to ensure all children receive quality preschool education and care, thus improving both health and well-being, as well as supporting national economic development.

Achievement and Honors

Gwen Adams, assistant superintendent of elementary education for Texarkana Arkansas School District has been chosen as a finalist at this year’s National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators (NAFEPA) Conference. “Gwen’s hard work and dedication towards providing equitable funding for our students was recognized with this honor,” according to Dr. Becky Kesler, Superintendent.

Erin was an accomplished athlete during her time at Keene State College, earning All-America status ten times and becoming part of two winning distance medley relay teams both indoors and outdoors in her senior season, was LEC runner of the year, and received recognition as an Outstanding Female Athlete award recipient.

At Lincoln Financial, she serves on the Latino Business Resource Group and has helped create an industry leading underwriting training and audit program. Recently she was honored on 2022 Profiles in Diversity Journal’s list of Latino Leaders Worth Watching.

Personal Life

The Bible describes Eve as Adam’s helper; but what exactly does this entail? She serves a vital function; Adam needs Eve in order to fulfill God’s calling on humanity. Eve acts as his opposite – showing off God’s glory while fulfilling her role.

Adam may have spent much of the afternoon on the Sixth Day naming animals, yet still felt an insatiable longing to find someone with whom to share life’s experiences – whether sexually intimate, procreating, or for spiritual reasons. When God made Eve (in English this word means suitable companion), Adam found exactly what he needed – an intimate partner suited perfectly for procreation and sexual intimacy alike! She became his perfect fit – an unforgettable creation indeed!

adams helper
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