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Adams Storage to Open in Robinhood Village

Self-storage businesses have seen unprecedented growth over recent years. Charleston-based Adams Property Group intends to join this battleground by opening up a facility at Robinhood Village.

This company operates seven self-storage facilities and several retail shopping centers in South Carolina and Georgia.

Early Life and Education

The Adams family has an outstanding tradition of education. Multiple generations of Adams ancestry attended Harvard College – America’s pioneer liberal arts institution.

After graduating, John Adams found himself facing an impossible choice: either enter the ministry or teach. While neither option appealed to him as much, John had become deeply immersed in both sciences and math during college life and found both rewarding vocations.

John eventually found a teaching career in Worcester. Taking full advantage of this new position, he quickly become an excellent educator with a reputation for student education. It was during this period that John devised the idea to form the First Continental Congress; writing under an assumed pseudonym, suggesting representatives from all colonies meet regularly for discussions on various matters.

Professional Career

Since its founding, Adams Storage has expanded beyond traditional moving and storage to offer records management, industrial storage, bonded warehousing services and over 1.5 million square feet of bonded warehouse space.

Jimmy Adams takes great pride in upholding corporate standards while providing customers with superior service, which allows him to build an outstanding reputation both within his community and amongst colleagues.

He leads a team of professionals that strives to make an impactful contribution daily, taking on challenging roles and finding mentors to support their career development.

Personal Life

Adams is an active outdoor enthusiast, spending much of his free time hiking through the mountains or snowboarding and skiing. While these are enjoyable pursuits for him, Adams also finds comfort in spending quality time with his family at home – especially his wife Abigail, an intelligent self-educated woman with keen insight into human conditions; together they have two daughters whom their relationship is marked by mutual respect and affection. Furthermore, Adams has demonstrated strong service to his nation by serving in the United States Army National Guard where he earned several awards and decorations for distinguished leadership and service achievements.

Net Worth

Adams owned and managed 22 Monster Self Storage and Your Storage Units properties located throughout Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas – in total worth $48.5 million when sold to REIT Life Storage for auction in 2017.

He joined with wealthy partners to find investment opportunities nationwide, investing millions into restaurants, artwork and residential developments.

By 2023, Monster Self Storage’s portfolio had grown to nearly 1.9 million square feet. They owned three Monster Self Storage facilities across three states: Savannah in Georgia; Winston-Salem North Carolina and Charleston South Carolina.

As of 20 October 2022, Adams Storage had amassed an estimated net worth of $12.9 Million dollars. He owns over 3,162 shares of SMART Global Inc stock worth $46,545, exercising them 26 times since 2010. Here is more information regarding his recent holdings summary below.

Adams Storage

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