Add a Basenji Pit Bull Mix to Your Home

A Basenji pit bull mix is a great choice if you are looking for a new dog to add to your family. These dogs can be playful and friendly, but they can also be reserved at times. They are most affectionate and protective of their family and friends, but don’t expect them to jump on people or fetch tennis balls. If you want to raise your new pup around children, make sure to socialize it with them from puppyhood. Basenjis are also great with older children, but it is best to introduce them to them at a younger age.

The Basenji pit bull mix is a highly intelligent dog that doesn’t bark. It makes an unusual sound that sounds like a yodel, chortle, or yodel. It is also very clean and grooms itself like an cat. Because their owners have dedicated themselves to them, these dogs are known as a cult dog breed. These dogs are affectionate and love to kiss their owners.

It is difficult to classify a Basenji. It retains many of the primitive traits of its ancestors, including barking and the estrus cycle. While a Basenji can be white, it is more likely to have one primary color, and the other is a color variation. Its ears, feet and tail are often made of white. It can have a white collar or other markings. They may have a black coat but the basenji is usually black or red.

Because Basenjis have very high intelligence, they are hard to train and require lots of creative handling. They are incredibly intelligent but require a lot of work. Some Basenji pit bull mix dogs can be very loud and should be trained. Children should not approach the dog while it is eating. Children should learn how to treat and respect dogs. It’s not recommended to leave your dog unattended around small animals unless it has had exposure to them. If you live in an area where children play, a Basenji pit bull mix is a good choice.

Although a Basenji is an ancient dog from Africa, it is not a particularly popular breed. Originally, the dogs were used to flush small game into hunting nets or control the rodent population in villages. Today, they are great companions for families, and a purebred Basenji can be found in a shelter or rescue group. Before you buy, make sure to research the breed. You may be disappointed with a dog that does not live up to your expectations.

A Basenji pit bull mix is loyal to its owner and may show seizure activity. It may look normal in between, but this behavior can indicate an underlying health condition. Although a Basenji pitbull mix does not require a specific diet, it may need supplements such as omega fatty acid and glucosamine to prevent joint pain and arthritis. The Basenji pit bull mix is very active and requires at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Add a Basenji Pit Bull Mix to Your Home
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