Akita Long-Haired

The Akita long-haired has a beautiful coat and a great temperament. Long-haired Akitas are great for therapy work and have many other uses, from being excellent cancer detectors to being a wonderful family companion. These dogs are intelligent, affectionate, and easy to train. They can be stubborn depending on their breed, but they are affectionate and will do whatever is necessary to please their owners.

Akitas with long hair are not considered a defect. However, it is an inherited trait and a sign that the dog is well-bred. Akitas with long hair are rare but they are still quite cute. The long coat of the Akita Inu is more silky and softer than a short-haired dog’s. The thicker, dense undercoat and longer guard hairs are what give the coat its length. Although the long coat is not recognized by AKC for breeding or show purposes, it is appreciated by those who see them.

Regular brushing and combing is necessary to groom an Akita’s hair. For long-haired Akitas, it is advisable to give several baths during the heavy shedding period. You should also blow-dry the dog frequently to remove the undercoat. Grooming your dog is essential, whether you choose to groom him yourself or get professional help. While you’re learning how to groom your Akita, make sure to ask fellow Akita owners for tips and techniques.

Akitas have often crossed with other breeds. The Karafuto-Ken, also known by the Sakhalin Husky, is believed to be responsible for Akitas’ long coats. The Karafuto-Ken had thick, wooly coats and was commonly used as a sled dog in Akita prefecture. The result is a long-haired Akita with a soft, silky coat.

Akitas are known to be incredibly playful. It doesn’t matter if your dog has a long or short coat, its playful nature will charm you. These dogs are often good pets, and can even be trained to carry your things! Akitas are intelligent and have excellent teeth. Akitas can carry your groceries, which is a huge plus. Akitas are known to perform in the wild, without being warned.

Akitas are loyal and devoted to their owners. They are affectionate and clean, and are easy to housebreak. They can be aggressive and fierce towards strangers, despite this. You can train an Akita to stop barking when asked, though! Akitas are a popular pet because of their long, beautiful hair. This dog is a great companion and makes a great pet for any family.

Akitas with long hair are not uncommon and can look just as good as their short-haired counterparts. While long-haired Akitas are not considered “standard” by kennel clubs, they do look beautiful. Akitas with long hair are not at risk of developing health problems. It may grow to be as tall as 24 inches, but it’s rarer than it is in a short-haired Akita.

Akita Long-Haired
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