Albert Einstein net worth

Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist born in Germany who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics). How rich is Albert Einstein?

Physicist. Born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. Albert Einstein net worth is estimated at around 10 million euros. His work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. He is best known to the general public for his mass-energy-equivalence formula E = mc2, which is known as “the most famous equation in the world”. In 1921 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics “for his services to theoretical physics and in particular for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect”, a decisive step in the development of quantum theory.

Bourgeois name: Albert Einstein
Spouse: Elsa Einstein (married 1919-1936), Mileva Marić (married 1903-1919)
Children: Eduard Einstein, Hans Albert Einstein, Lieserl Einstein
Albert Einstein size: 1.72 m
Nationality: Swiss
His career began: 1901-1955

What is Albert Einstein’s net worth?
Albert Einstein’s assets are currently € 10 million.

Books: My view of the world, About the special and general theory of relativity, From my later years.
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Albert Einstein net worth

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