Alex Rodriguez at Green Bay Packers

After being spotted in Packers uniforms at a recent game, Minnesota Timberwolves owner Alex Rodriguez has been a subject of controversy. Although Rodriguez has a small stake, many Vikings fans are heavily rooted in the team and his attendance at a Packers match has angered many. Rodriguez bought a stake in the team the same year as Jennifer Lopez. He also reportedly dated CBS reporter Melanie Collins.

Many fans have questioned whether the appearance was real. Rodriguez’s recent appearance on Lambeau Field was a way of clearing the air. The athlete has a strong social media following, with over 5,000 followers on Instagram. The post includes the hashtag #ReverseJinx. A Twitter user who did not believe the appearance was real later denied access to the account, and Rodriguez was forced to apologize.

Despite negative media coverage, Rodriguez was spotted on Sunday with a new date. They were photographed together on Fox, and many tried to guess who Padgett was. Some even mocked Rodriguez for dancing in Packers gear. Minnesotans were disappointed that Rodriguez was wearing Packers gear while he was spending time with his nephew. Rodriguez later shared his feelings with a Bally Sports North reporter.

On the other hand, Rodriguez’s new blonde friend was also spotted in the stands, cheering for the Packers. He wore a Packers sweater and a green puffball winter hat. The two even chatted among themselves between plays. So, do you think the two new friends would be in the stands? If so, why don’t you join them? A new friend like this would be a great way to make the NFL even more entertaining.

According to rumors, Alex Rodriguez’s new girlfriend may be Kathryne Padgett. The ex-actress, who split from Jennifer Lopez in January 2021, was spotted recently with other women. He was previously linked to a Dallas model and is now dating Madison LeCroy, Melanie Collins. They are probably still together if they are dating. Rodriguez should not be seen in public if they’re still together. His new girlfriend could be jealous.

Alex Rodriguez at Green Bay Packers
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