Ali Banat fortune

Ali Banat was an Australian businessman, later a humanitarian philanthropist, who hailed from the Sydney suburb of Greenacre and was of Palestinian descent. After he was diagnosed with cancer, he donated everything he got to charity. How rich is Ali Banat?

Entrepreneur. Born on November 28, 1985 in Australia. Ali Banat fortune is estimated at around 2 million euros. He owned a security and electrical company before being diagnosed with cancer in October 2015. After the diagnosis, he founded the Muslim Around the World charity, also known as the MATW. His charity focused on Togo and other African countries.

Bourgeois name: Ali Banat
Ali Banat size: 1.75 m
Nationality: Australian
His career began: 2006-2018

What is Ali Banat’s net worth?
Ali Banat’s net worth is currently € 2 million.

Important work: MATW Project
Burial place: Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney, Australia
Is also often searched for: Razan al ‑ Najjar, Adam Saleh, Zakir Naik, Mufti Menk.

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Ali Banat fortune

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