Alice Bender – A Car Accident Story

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The accident that killed Alice Bender took place on June 6, 1939, when she was driving in her husband’s automobile when she was hit by a horse. The road was dry and clear, and the man in front of her headlights signaled her to slow down. As her son was drawing up on the other side of the intersection, he spotted a horse that emerged from a shadow on the left side of the road.

The accident occurred on February 20, 1972, in Woodstock, MD. The victims were Alice Bender and Olie Crites, who were married and lived in Woodstock, MD. Both women were born in Reuton, Md., and went to Yelm High School. The two women were struck in the side and were killed. The other driver was uninsured and was not at fault in the collision, but the two women were intoxicated.

The crash occurred in a parking lot in Woodstock, MD, where Alice Bender was employed as a theater usher. Her husband, Robert Reed, had just bought her a new car when they were involved in a fender-bender. The two women had a long history of relationship troubles, but Alice didn’t want to disclose it to her husband. The other driver, who blamed her for the accident, had a new vehicle.

The crash was a fender-bender. The other driver was attempting to avoid a police officer, and they were caught in the middle. Alice had recently been diagnosed with cancer. Her family was shocked, and her death has sparked many questions. However, the tragic outcome of the crash will be the most painful for the victim. Once again, the accident will be a traumatic experience for her.

At the time of the accident, Alice had lived in Florida. She had a new car when the other driver crashed into her. Her husband later died from the injuries. She had been injured in a fender-bender. The accident was a traumatic event for her, and her husband and children were shocked by her death. In the wake of the accident, the couple buried Alice in the hospital, and the funeral was held on the following day.

The accident occurred at the end of the month, and Alice was a resident of Woodstock, Maryland. She had married her husband, Robert Reed, and they both had two children. At the time of her death, she was a resident of Florida. The family questioned whether she had abused her husband and the accident could have been the result of domestic violence. As a result of the tragic accident, her husband, and their two children have a chance to grieve in peace.

The accident also involved two other people. The other driver was the driver in the fender-bender. She was not the only one who suffered the accident. She was a mother to two young boys, and her husband was an artist. She was married to Robert Reed. Their son, Robert, and Alice lived in Woodstock, MD. After the accident, both of them were working at Woodstock theaters. The couple had one child named David.

The other driver was named Robert. He was a Maryland resident. He lived in Woodstock, MD and passed away on July 31, 2021. Both men were born on February 20, 1929, and were from different towns. They were classmates of each other and went to the same high school. The two drivers were not able to speak to each other after the accident, but they did not want the other driver to know they were the victims.

The accident occurred when Robert Reed, a car owner, hit the other woman. It is not known who caused the accident, but it was the first time Alice Bender and her husband met. The two were married on the day of the accident, and they were the same age. They had no children. They were still living in the same home. A car that is in the same city as the person that hit Alice and the other driver were not in the same vehicle.

Alice Bender – A Car Accident Story
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