Alice Schwarzer Fortune

Alice Schwarzer is a German journalist and prominent contemporary feminist. She is the founder and editor of the German feminist magazine EMMA and a columnist for Germany’s best-selling tabloid, Bild. How rich is Alice Schwarzer?

Journalist. Born on December 3, 1942 in Wuppertal, Germany. Alice Schwarzer Fortune is estimated at around 3.5 million euros. After studying in France, Schwarzer began an internship as a journalist in Düsseldorf in 1966. From 1969 she started working as a journalist. In July 2016, Schwarzer was convicted of tax fraud by the Cologne District Court; In the course of the proceedings, which began in 2013, it was revealed that she had not paid tax on around 4 million euros that she had accumulated in a Swiss bank account since the 1980s.

Bourgeois name: Alice Sophie Schwarzer
Spouse: Bettina Flitner (married 2018)
Alice Black Size: 1.70 m
Nationality: German
Her career began: 2066

What is Alice Schwarzer’s net worth?
Alice Schwarzer’s assets are currently € 3.5 million.

Books: Simone de Beauvoir today, The small difference and its big consequences.
Training: University of Paris VIII (1970–1974)
Is also often searched for: Esther Vilar, Margarete Stokowski, Günther Jauch, Teresa Bücker.

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Alice Schwarzer Fortune

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