Alkaline Net Worth


Alkaline is an extremely successful Rapper from Jamaica, who has become the most popular in the country. He is a highly influential figure for the youth, who has also become a prominent figure in the global music industry. 

Early life 

Alkaline is a well-known Jamaican rapper and musician. He was born on December 19, 1993, in Kingston, Jamaica, and grew up there as well.

He comes from a poor family, and Jamaica is also a poor nation where hardworking people strive for better lives. His folks were laborers in a nearby processing plant where they used to attempt to bring shortly of cash; so they can provide for their family.


He went to Ardenne Secondary School and afterward went to the College of the West Indies to concentrate on media and correspondence.


Basic’s melodic vocation started at an early age of 16. After a progression of hit singles, he turned into a well known name in 2013.With his bleached skin, blond dreadlocks, and what appeared to be tattooed eyes, he became famous. 

Other people started to look like him, and Brooklyn rapper Mace ended up in the hospital after his eye got infected. Alkaline, on the other hand, later revealed that he donned contact lenses to achieve his appearance.

In Walk 2016, Antacids presentation collection, New Level Opened, was delivered by DJ Frass Records. In April, the album debuted at the top of the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart, making him the first dancehall DJ in five years to achieve this feat. In Billboard’s “10 Best Reggae Albums of 2016,” it came in at number three.

Champion Boy, Block and Delete, After All, 12 PM (Living Good), Formula, and City were among his hit singles that year. He appeared on a Shaggy remix of “That Love” in November. In October 2016, Champion Boy” was remixed and used in a Red Stripe Premier League advertising campaign.

During his tour of the United Kingdom in June 2016, a number of events were not able to get a better understanding postponed due to security concerns.

His debut album is still selling very well, and he has become the most popular rapper in the Jamaican music industry. In addition, he has become an extremely successful singer in the international market.

Aside from music, Alkaline loves video games and fishing. And he believes that his music reflects society’s fears.

Net worth 

This rapper is one of the richest people in the world, with an estimated net worth of at least $2 million.At the same time, he announced the launch of a clothing line, which should also add to his net worth

He had a big birthday last year, and he celebrated it by buying a Mercedes-Benz GLE coupe. He also purchased a new property for his mother. 

Social media 

However, he has an active social media presence, and many fans follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


His devoted following is eager to learn more about Alkaline’s personal life, but he has never provided too much personal information. Alkaline is single and has not been in a relationship since 2022; His entire focus is on his career, and he desired greater global fame.

Success and awards 

 His success has brought him a large fan base, and he has received numerous awards.In 2014, he won the 21st Hapilos Breakout Artist of the Year. Also, he was nominated for the MOBO Award for Best Reggae Act. Despite his popularity, Alkaline ed modest, and he doesn’t talk about his personal life. 


In conclusion, Alkaline has made a name for himself as a rapper. As a musician, he has worked with different artists such as Colter Wall, Crystal Grant, and Collie Buddz. 

He has also made a name for himself as an elusive personality. He is known for his unique style. Many fans have commented that he is the best-looking rapper in the industry. Alkaline is famous for his unique style, a combination of dancehall and urban pop-rock. 

His music also has a lot of positive messages. Most of his songs have been nominated for local and international awards, so, if you want to be a successful musician, consider following Alkaline. It’s just a matter of time before he becomes the hottest artist in the industry.

Alkaline Net Worth
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