Allen Black

Attorney Allen Black is the founder and principal of Fine, Kaplan and Black, which specializes in complex commercial litigation and plaintiffs’ side antitrust lawsuits. After previously serving as the First Vice President, Black was elected to ALI Council in 1994. He is highly rated in the client guide published by Chambers USA, as well as Best Lawyers in America, and has been recognized by his peers for his outstanding reputation in the legal community. If you are interested in hiring an attorney who can help you resolve a legal issue in a timely manner, Allen Black is an outstanding choice.

The Dean of the New Testament at HST, Allen Black, has also used his influence to advocate for economic equality. In 2015, he won a settlement against Comcast and AT&T for their failure to form a 100 percent Black media company. Allen has a special interest in family issues in the New Testament, and enjoys visiting his children and grandchildren. Allen has also made significant contributions to cultural equity and the advancement of the field of religion.

Allen’s decision to form a black congregation in the 1790s was partially a response to white racism. Although most white Methodists supported emancipation of blacks, they didn’t treat them as equals. Even in the newly constructed gallery in 1792, the blacks were denied the right to be buried there. Allen’s actions were a manifestation of a desire by African-Americans for control over their religious lives.

Apart from his role as adjunct professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, Mr. Black was also the past-president of The Marine Trades Association of Maryland. In addition, he has written extensively on maritime law matters, including piracy and shipboard internal investigations. He also has authored a book on maritime law, “Maritime Law Answer Book” (which is now in its fourth printing).

Allen Black
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