Ameri-King ACK-E04 Remote Controlled AK-451 ELT

ameri king ack e04 remote controlled ak 451 elt 46984

The ACK-E04 is a replacement for the AK-451 ELT from Ameri-King. It comes with an extended 15-foot Remote Cable and a 2:1 phone jack adaptor. In addition to being smaller, it is less than 1.5 pounds. The ACK-E04 is also a remarkably easy tool to install – I took about four hours from start to finish, including registering online with NOAA.

The E-04 is a replacement for the E-01, and it fits perfectly into the same mounting trays. It uses the same remote control panel indicator and the same external antenna mounting as the E-01. The E-04’s molded plastic base and lithium battery pack allow it to utilize the same antenna mounting and wiring installation as the E-01. The E-04 sends out an audible alert when the transmitter fails to transmit, and it can also be used with existing antenna mounting systems.

Ameri-King ACK-E04 Remote Controlled AK-451 ELT
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