An Electrician Helper Salary Varys by Location

An electrician helper is someone who helps an electrician on construction sites. This person’s primary duties include making sure that all necessary tools are on site. They also organize and transport different electrical parts. They also help the electrician set up a workspace. After each project, they must clean up the area. They must remove old materials, dirt, and dust. The salary of an electrician helper varies depending on where you live. The range of salaries depends on education and experience.

The median annual wage for an Electrician Helper is about $24,280. It ranges from $35,440 to $50,050 based on experience and location. People with a lot of experience should consider jobs in Idaho, California and New York. These areas have a high job market. ZipRecruiter searches millions of active jobs published locally throughout the country to find the best opportunities. Below are the salary ranges.

The average salary for an Electrician Helper varies 7% across locations and may even be lower in some areas. However, there is limited opportunity for advancement and you may be better served living in a city with lower costs of living. You can also become a Supervising or Chief Electrician at some point. These positions require more training and experience, and the salary is usually higher. If you have good communication skills, you may have the potential to negotiate a better salary.

An average Electrician Helper earns $30,129 per annum, while those in San Francisco make $44,499 per annum. That means San Francisco Electrician Helpers earn an average of 48.8% higher than their US counterparts. The range of salaries is higher than the national average, however. The median salary for an Electrician Helper is $27,936, while the highest-paid ones make up to $83,500 annually.

They are vital for the construction industry, despite the low salaries for electrician helpers. They help senior electricians with their routine electrical projects. They take instructions from a master electrician or journeyman electrician and follow all applicable safety codes. In addition, they use tools and clean the workspace after the project. As well as helping senior electricians finish their projects, electrician helpers also maintain their vehicles. You’ll need to perform semi-skilled laboring tasks such as wiring, circuit breaker, lighting fixtures, etc.

In addition to the salary, you’ll also need to consider the cost of living in your area. An Electrician Helper salary in Richmond, Virginia, is $36,735 per year on average. However, salaries in other states may be significantly different. New York State has the highest salaries for electrical helpers. They are not subsidized by their employers, so they’re worth more. For those who want to make more money, consider a job in another state.

An Electrician Helper Salary Varys by Location
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