Anatolian Shepherd For Sale in Oregon

If you’re looking for an Anatolian Shepherd for sale in Oregon, you’re not alone. We have the largest breeder list and thousands of people are looking for one. Whether you’re looking for a purebred mix, you’ll find your new best friend right here! They are unique and full-of-personality, and fiercely loyal to their families. With several thousand generations of ancestors who fought bears, they know how to protect their flocks and love children.

This breed originated in Turkey, where it was used for shepherding. Although the breed isn’t regulated in the United States, it is considered a sub-breed among Anatolian shepherds. They are considered a sub-breed for the Anatolian Shepherd because of their narrow chest and deep chest. They are uncommon, but not uncommon.

The dogs weigh from 70 to 80 pounds and are comparable to the size of wolves. A federal government study has been released about the ability of the breed to protect sheep. In it, scientists tracked the movement of 120 dogs in Portugal, Bulgaria, and Turkey. These dogs spent four years guarding sheep. The study has implications for sheep producers and can help protect the animals from wolves. A new breed of Anatolian Shepherd for sale in oregon may be the perfect solution to the dilemma that plagues sheep producers today.

Anatolian Shepherd For Sale in Oregon
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