Andre Kostolany fortune

André Kostolany was a stock market expert, bon vivant and chevalier of the Legion of Honor. He worked in France and Germany for most of his life. How rich is André Kostolany?

Journalist. Born on February 9, 1906 in Budapest, Hungary. André Kostolany fortune is estimated at around 40 million euros. He originally studied philosophy and art history in Budapest, but his father forced him to drop out and sent him to Paris in 1924 to work as a stockbroker. There he began his career as a speculator and arbitrageur. It was able to make profit during the decline in market prices that began in late 1929 after experiencing a bear market at the time.

Bourgeois name: André Bartholomew Kostolany
Spouse: Francoise Russell (married? -1999)
André Kostolany size: 1.75 m
Nationality: Hungarian
His career began: 1924-1999

What is André Kostolany’s net worth?
André Kostolany’s assets are currently € 40 million.

Books: The art of thinking about money, Kostolany’s stock market seminar: for investors and speculators, Kostolany’s balance sheet of the future.
Is also often searched for: Gottfried Heller, Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, Bodo Schäfer.

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Andre Kostolany fortune

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