Andy Dalton Is a Good Value For a Team in Need of a QB

In addition to Dalton’s measurables, he also has the upside of a top-five draft pick. Dalton is not a “transformative talent”, but he is an excellent value for any team looking for a quarterback. While Dalton’s success won’t change the direction of a franchise, the fact that he’s a proven professional can only help Houston in the short term.

The Texans’ veteran WR Andre Johnson had 143 yards on five catches and one touchdown on seven targets against the Bengals. The Texans also avoided using Arian Foster, who had only 77 yards on 23 carries during the season. The Bengals lost this game with Josh Johnson’s three interceptions from his first three series. After a strong start from Dalton, the Texans’ secondary was able to take advantage of that.

However, Andy Dalton’s poor performance against the Ravens is a red flag for the Bengals. While his career stats against the Texans aren’t a glaring warning sign, the Bengals’ chemistry with Green is. The Texans could benefit from Dalton’s mobility and arm strength to win the game they have been chasing. A.J. Green and Corey Dillon have the potential to make Dalton a superstar.

While Dalton doesn’t mind his nickname, he doesn’t like the “Red Rifle.” He was called a “Red Rocket”, by Jim Nantz, during the Bengals-Steelers 2017 game. Tony Romo couldn’t help but laugh when he heard it. And that’s the story of the new Texans’ offense.

If Wilson isn’t available, the Bears would be the frontrunners in a quarterback trade. However, a trade with Seattle could make it possible. Andy Dalton, a top-five pick in the NFL draft, said he’ll never be traded. He will likely be traded to Wilson if the Seahawks acquire him. The Bears aren’t giving in to him, however.

Andy Dalton Is a Good Value For a Team in Need of a QB
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