Andy Dalton Signs With the Saints in 2022

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Andy Dalton has agreed to sign with the New Orleans Saints. Dalton will become an unrestricted free agent in 2022. They met in the offseason, and they were engaged in October 2010. The two will get married on July 9, 2011.

In 2022, the Commanders will need a quarterback. Taylor Heinicke is better than Dalton, but he’s still an important piece of the puzzle. He could be a valuable part of the Steelers’ offense building before they draft the franchise quarterback. Dalton’s experience at next level may not make him the right fit, but he could help the franchise in short-term. Dalton’s presence at the quarterback room will provide interest and familiarity.

Dalton signed a three-year contract to the Bears and has been a backup in the NFL since then. He’s logged six starts in 2021, but is still a capable backup. In 2022, the Saints will also be using Taysom Hill to start. The new offensive coordinator for the Bears is Luke Getsy, who is no stranger to having Andy Dalton on his staff. Dalton will receive a salary of approximately $10MM this season, plus he will earn an additional $3MM in incentives.

While Dalton didn’t play a full season in Chicago, he did make an impressive debut with the Bears. He completed 63.7% of his passes in eight games, with six starts. The quarterback finished with a passer rating of 76.9. He also had nine interceptions and eight touchdown passes. The Bears, who traded Nick Foles for Dalton, were reportedly interested in signing him to a three-year deal.

While Andy Dalton has struggled as a starter in the NFL, he’s still a solid backup. He’s capable of starting a few games but could also come off the bench and play well. In the past, Dalton was a quarterback and then a backup position. However, Dalton could still be a contender for the starting job in offseason. He’s not a top-free agent quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky is better.

If Dalton does not sign a contract extension the Bears will make their next major move to acquire a backup quarterback. With the Bears’ bye week in Week 10, the Bears will need to find someone who matches Dalton’s abilities. Since Fields was drafted in 2011, the Bears have not had a reliable backup quarterback.

In addition to his role as a franchise quarterback, Andy Dalton has the potential to be the highest-paid player in the NFL. His salary is expected to be around $90 million over his career. Dalton was drafted in round two of the draft by the Cincinnati Bengals, who have been around since 1922. The Bengals are one of only five teams to win five consecutive games. And if Dalton were to sign a contract with a team that is willing to sign him, the Bengals will likely be a top candidate.

After being released from the Bengals after the 2020 NFL draft, Dalton has a difficult time reestablishing himself in the NFL. He signed a one-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys, who signed him as their backup quarterback. Justin Fields took over the starting job after Dalton’s injury-related season. Dalton is expected to be the starter for the rest of the season, but if he’s injured, it’s unclear whether Dalton will be the starting QB.

Andy Dalton Signs With the Saints in 2022
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