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Angerfist is a Dutch hardcore producer and DJ. Aside from his main alias, he also produces for other genres and subgenres under different alias names How rich is Angerfist?

DJ. Born on June 20, 1981 in Almere, the Netherlands. Angerfist fortune is estimated at around 2 million euros. Masseling started making music at the age of 16. Starting with 4-bar programmed loops and breakbeats, his interest in producing music began to grow. He began his career in 2001 after sending a demo to Mark Vos, also known as DJ Buzz Fuzz, director of BZRK Records. Vos liked the tape and signed with Masseling, who then released his first EPs under the names “Menace II Society” and “Angerfist”.

Bourgeois name: Danny J. Masseling
Angerfist size: 1.83 m
Nationality: Dutch
His career began: 2002
Cooperation with: Miss K8, Tha Playah, DJ Mad Dog, Dr. Peacock.

What is Angerfist’s net worth?
Angerfist’s assets are currently € 2 million.

Record labels: Masters of Hardcore.
Music genres: Hardcore techno, gabber.
Debut studio album: Pissin ‘Razorbladez (2006).

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Angerfist fortune

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