Angry Pitbull Club

You can also collect Angry Pitbull NFTs and earn exclusive utilities by becoming a member of the Angry Pitbull Club. The NFTs have B-movie charm, with tough-guy profile cartoons of skeletal pitbulls. The tokens are used to represent ownership of the group, and the Angry Pitbull Club is dedicated to the rescue of American pets. These digital collectibles are set to be released on December 23, 2021.

The Angry Pitbull Club is an exponential NFT project, with ten thousand unique pitbulls from an Instagram meme account. Tokens are stored on ERC-721 Ethereum blockchain network and owners receive exclusive services. The Angry Pitbull Club’s team is donating 10% of its initial mint sales to Best Friends Animal Society to help save the lives of homeless animals. The Angry Pitbull Club also plans to partner with Oraichain and launch a digital storefront for pitbull owners.

Membership in the Angry Pitbull Club offers exclusive benefits. Among them, full ownership of your NFTs and commercial rights, exclusive arcade games, and exclusive merchandise. You’ll also receive exclusive merchandise and access to all events. There are no restrictions on the number of Angry Pitbull Club members that you can purchase. You will also have exclusive access to special events. This membership is only available to Angry Pitbull Club members.

Angry Pitbull Club
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