Apartments For Under $500 a Month in New Jersey

apartments for under 500 a month in new jersey 52316

If you are looking for an apartment for under $500 a month in New Jersey, you have a few options. You can find an apartment in Jersey City with sweeping views of Manhattan or the Empire State Building. There are many public transportation options in the city, including the Newark Penn AMTRAK Station that connects to New York City. The city’s rents are affordable and you will be close to history, art, and other attractions.

Apartments in Jersey City are located near the city centre, which is also home to the PATH Rapid Transit Station. Many luxury apartments are located here, and you can take advantage of the proximity to the Hudson River, the Powerhouse Arts District, and the Historic Downtown. You can also enjoy the many festivals and community events in the region.

Apartments For Under $500 a Month in New Jersey
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