Are Landscape Maintenance Costs Worth it?

landscape maintenance costs

Landscaping foreman salaries alone average just under $20 an hour in the US. That’s not including the other costs a landscaping company incurs, such as additional staff salaries, transportation, equipment maintenance, insurance, and more.

That might leave you thinking maintaining your landscape is going to set you back a fair bit. And also, are landscape maintenance costs really worth it? Below, we take a look at some reasons why keeping your yard tidy is so important.

Saves You Time

Probably the biggest reason to add landscaping costs as a line item on your household budget is the time it will save you. We all lead busy lives these days, with most people working full-time jobs. Do you really want to spend your precious weekends doing yard work?

Whether you need someone to do the lawn maintenance once a week or you just want to keep your garden looking nice, a professional landscaping company can help. They’ll save you time on researching the products and tools you need, too.

Now all you’ll have to do is enjoy your beautifully landscaped property.

Untrimmed Trees Are Dangerous

Is your yard filled with trees? Sure, they look beautiful on sunny spring days or when they’re filled with colorful fall leaves. But did you know those trees are also dangerous when they’re not properly maintained?

Regularly limbing trees is essential if you want to take care of dead and diseased trees or trees with broken branches. They pose a risk to people and property (like your house) if they fall in high winds or heavy rain. Dying trees are also a haven for pests.

Getting a certified tree professional to assess for tree trimming or removal is always worth the cost. If you’re curious about what happens during a tree removal service, find more here.

Save Money on Equipment Purchases

Whether it’s a huge commercial property or a middle-of-the-road home, efficiently and adequately taking care of landscaping is a big job.

Regular tasks typically include:

  • Lawn mowing, edging and fertilizing
  • Mulching, weeding and watering the garden
  • Planting and monitoring the health of plants
  • Tree assessment, delimbing, and removal

There are also annual or less frequent maintenance tasks to consider, like driveway and path repair or decking care. And that’s not even taking into account the water feature, hot tub, swimming pool you might have.

All of these activities require a wide range of tools and equipment to achieve stunning results. You could invest in all that equipment yourself, or you could hire a company that has those tools on hand already–and knows how to use them.

You Set the Landscape Maintenance Costs

When it comes to landscape maintenance costs, the good news is that you can choose what to and when. Maybe all you need is an annual tree trimming, or perhaps you’re looking for a gardener to visit weekly. Your needs and your budget primarily determine the cost.

If you’re seeking more homeowner advice, be sure to browse the other articles on our blog.

Are Landscape Maintenance Costs Worth it?

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