Arizona Hunting Forum

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If you love to hunt, and would like to learn more about the game, you can participate in the Arizona hunting forum. During the spring and fall, the Arizona Game and Fish Department will host four public forums, where you can ask questions and give feedback on the fall 2012 hunt recommendations. There will be informational sessions at different regional offices. Click the link below to find out more. Register to participate in the forums

The state has a diverse range of landscape, including deserts, mountain ranges, and pine forests. Arizona is home to ten species of huntable mammals, including pronghorn antelope, black bear, bison, elk, javelina, mountain lions, and Coues white-tailed deer. A typical elk that broke the world record scored 442 5/8 B&C point. If you’d like to become an Arizona hunter, you can apply during the drawing period.

Arizona Hunting Forum
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