Armslist New Hampshire

ARMSLIST is a private website that allows you to sell and buy firearms. Its sole purpose is to facilitate transactions between parties. It also has terms of service and privacy policies. It also helps users report illegal firearms activity. However, there are risks associated with using this service.

Armslist was sued by the plaintiffs based on their belief that it is a place for illegal gun sales. A Superior Court judge disagreed. The court rejected the plaintiffs’ argument that the federal Communications Decency Act shields web-based service providers from liability.

Armslist is similar to Craigslist in that sellers post a picture and a description of their firearms. Only the difference is that licensed firearm dealers must conduct background checks on all sales. In contrast, unlicensed sellers, known as “private parties,” are allowed to sell firearms without undergoing background checks. In most cases, such sales are completed offline.

A recent Armslist investigation found that over one million advertisements didn’t require background checks. As a result, one in nine buyers is prohibited from possessing a firearm and would have failed a background check at a licensed gun dealer. Although the online marketplace is popular for purchasing firearms, it can be risky if there are no background checks.

Armslist New Hampshire
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