Asspizza Net Worth


Austin Babbitt, also known as Asspizza, is a creative entrepreneur. He is most famous for his eponymous clothing line.

It is one of the most popular clothing lines in the world. His clothing line has become a major hit among celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa, Lorde, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Early life 

This American clothing designer was born on June 5, 1998, in Queens, New York. 

Babbitt always had an interest in creating, starting at a young age with an interest in graffiti art and shopping at local thrift stores for inexpensive clothing that could be personalized and worn. 

He has expressed living and being from New York was a main consideration in his childhood and imaginative interests.


In 2014, Babbitt exited high school


Kerwin and Ray Martinez co-founded the Spaghetti Boys, an art, content, and DJ collective based in New York City, in 2015. 

Along with Martinez and Frost, Babbitt quickly became one of the main members, and Sheck Wes and other Soho teens who were interested in fashion also contributed. The Spaghetti Boys collaborated on clothes with Off-White and Heron Preston and promoted Nike Air.

On December 22, 2015, Babbitt and Kerwin Frost went viral for fighting rapper Playboi Carti. A social media video shows the three arguing over Babbitt’s apparent disrespect for the designer Ian Connor, who narrates the video. 

The Spaghetti Boys held a pop-up shop in Tokyo at the Japanese boutique NUBIAN in 2018. This would be their final official capsule collection By the end of 2018, the Spaghetti Boys had split up and started working on new projects.

Asspizza started his career as a graffiti artist. He later discovered that he had a flair for fashion design. He used his art to decorate the clothes that he sold. While the graffiti was the most obvious of all, it was not the only thing he did.

Asspizza’s first branded drop included full custom denim jackets and pants. The pieces were painted on denim that he had painted at meet-ups all over the country. These were the earliest efforts at branding himself, but it was not until the Supreme collaboration in April of 2021 that his brand took off.

Net worth 

His net worth is estimated at over twenty million dollars. However, he has not yet pocketed any of the cash. Instead, he has relied on his social media account to drive sales. Although he is currently not earning that much, it is predicted that he will soon.

Social media 

He has also cultivated a great amount of social media followers. Most of these followers are engaged with him on Twitter and Instagram.


Starting around 2023, Austin Babbitt isn’t dating anybody. Austin’s age is 24. Austin Babbitt has been in at least one relationship before, according to CelebsCouples. He has never been engaged before.


Asspizza is not a household name yet, but t has already received the attention of major publications. One such article was published in Rolling Stone. 

It featured images of him around New York. Another article was published in GQ Magazine. Aside from this, his social media accounts have gained a great deal of recognition.

Some of his most notable accomplishments include his eponymous clothing line and his involvement with the bootleg community. He has been involved with several notable celebrities including Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign. 

Despite being a teenager at the time, he has achieved success in the business and fashion industry.


In conclusion, Asspizza has made a name as an entrepreneur and fashion designer 

Asspizza is considered to be one of the most successful American entrepreneurs of all time. 

In the future, he will most likely continue to expand his brand and pocket more cash. For now, he is primarily a businessman, so the bulk of his income comes from that.

To add to his earnings, Currently, he is working on a clothing label that he will call Blanket.

There are many things that Asspizza has accomplished, from launching his clothing line to building a personal empire. If he continues to achieve his goals, he will become one of the most popular and successful celebrities of the next generation.

Asspizza Net Worth
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