August von Finck junior fortune

August von Finck Jr. is a Swiss-based German billionaire and businessman. How rich is August von Finck?

Investor. Born on March 11, 1930 in Germany. August von Finck fortune is estimated at around 7.1 billion euros. His father founded a private bank in 1870, which became Merck Finck & Co. in 1870.In February 2020, Von Finck sold the majority of his stake in the Swiss SGS SA, one of the world’s largest test and inspection companies. He sold 960,000 shares for $ 2.4 billion.

Bourgeois name: August François von Finck
Parents: August von Finck senior, Margot von Rücker
Spouse: Francine von Finck
Children: August François von Finck, Maria Theresia von Finck, Luitpold-Ferdinand von Finck.
August von Finck size: 1.85 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1950

What is the net worth of August von Finck?
August von Finck’s assets are currently € 7.1 billion.

The Baden-Württemberg state government approved the sale of an incunable on medieval history to him. The price is around 20 million euros. It is likely that Finck is a financial supporter of the German far-right AfD party.
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August von Finck junior fortune

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