Austin Reaves’ Dad Is Not Your Average Basketball Dad

Austin Reaves, a basketball player, has a dad who’s not exactly your typical basketball dad. His father, Spencer, believed that Austin had some potential but kept telling him that he’d have to work hard to make it in basketball. Austin, however, preferred baseball and he’s still learning how to play it well. In this interview with Austin Reaves, he shares his father’s story and explains the importance of having a father.

Austin was a keen athlete and pledged to be the hardest worker on his team. Austin would give everything every time he touched the ball. His family was proud when he scored his first NBA bucket against Suns. He pulled up in the lane and hit a three. At the time, the team was struggling to find their rhythm and some fans were calling for Vogel’s head. Despite his disappointment, Austin Reaves read a note from his dad that summed up his attitude in life.

As for his son, Reaves smiles hesitantly and shows a dimple on his right cheek. Reaves proudly refers to “middle-of-nowhere” and avoids talking about himself. His scraggly brown hair is a reminder of his childhood. Despite his obvious discomfort with talking about himself, he manages to get around Los Angeles without being noticed. He even manages to walk the streets of L.A. without being noticed, thanks to his dad.

Austin Reaves’ father is a basketball player. He started his career in college at Wichita State before transferring to Oklahoma. He competed in NCCA tournaments while he was there and impressed fans. In March of 2020, Austin Reaves declared for the NBA draft and waived his remaining collegiate eligibility. Then he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers and made his professional debut on October 22, 2021.

Despite his young age, Reaves has been a spark for the Lakers. Reaves averaged more than 20 minutes per match before his mid-November injuries. Reaves made his NBA debut on Oct. 22 and scored eight points from 3-of-4 shooting. He is now in the NBA’s second round. And his father is the proudest basketball parent of all. In this interview, he shares his story.

Austin Reaves’ Dad Is Not Your Average Basketball Dad
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