Austin Reaves Discusses Special Moment Hitting a 3-Pointer For the Lakers

If you’ve ever seen Reaves hit the game-winning 3-pointer, you’re probably aware of the hype surrounding it. But what makes this rookie different from other NBA players is his basketball IQ. Although Reaves has had to deal with sub-concussive injuries, he has still made impressive plays. Reaves’ high basketball intelligence makes him a solid defender.

Austin Reaves, a rookie from Los Angeles Lakers, made the game-winning 3-pointer against the Mavericks

The Lakers rookie scored 15 points and grabbed seven rebounds in only 32 minutes of action. He also made the game-winning 3-pointer with just two seconds left in overtime to secure a win. Afterwards, he talked directly with the media about the night’s game. Reaves was impressed with the performance of his teammates. The rookie said he watched the Mavericks play in college and knew Reaves was capable of scoring.

Despite not having Luka Doncic, the all-world guard, the Lakers won this victory. Reaves’ game-winning 3-pointer was a clincher in a night of odd-matchups and odds-defying occurrences. This win brings the Lakers’ record in overtime games to 5-1.

Reaves has shown that he is a true NBA star, unlike many rookies. His playmaking ability to make plays is crucial for the Lakers’ stars. He averages five rebounds and two points per game. His playmaking skills and smart defense will be key to the team’s success.

After going undrafted during his senior season in Norman, Oklahoma, Reaves signed with the Los Angeles Lakers on a two-way contract. Reaves then played well during the MGM Resorts NBA Summer League and earned a two-year contract, which includes a team option for year two. With the two-year deal, he can earn as much as $21 million per season.

LeBron James hit four of nine 3-pointers in the loss against the Mavericks. With LeBron James at MVP level, the Lakers have plenty of options. In his last nine games, he averaged nearly 30 points per contest. He was also joined by Bill Macdonald (former NBA player and broadcaster), who is under the COVID-19 protocol.

Reaves has been a defensive stalwart

A surprisingly underrated rookie, Reaves is a stalwart in the Lakers’ defense. Reaves was born in Newark, Arkansas and moved to Los Angeles to play basketball. Reaves was a rookie and sat in the back row of the Lakers’ meeting room. One night, Reaves defended Shai Gilgeous-Alexander on the right wing. The rookie’s playmaking abilities were immediately apparent.

Austin Reaves has a high basketball IQ and a keen awareness of teammate needs. His willingness to play in non-traditional roles has earned him praise from teammates. Even though he’s still in his formative years, Reaves has impressed many observers with his willingness to operate in less than glamorous columns. Reaves is a valuable asset to the Lakers because of the effort he puts forth.

Reaves, a rookie, has not played more than 20 minutes per games in the seven previous games. His averages over this span are 5.8 points, 2.7 rebounds and 1.3 assists. While his fantasy value isn’t terribly high, he has shown enough to earn a roster spot in a crowded Lakers rotation. In a position that is increasingly difficult to fill, Reaves has been a dependable option for the Lakers.

The Lakers missed the veteran center Alex Caruso this season. The Lakers defense ranked 20th this season and has struggled to contain offenses. In addition, the Lakers have struggled to contain offenses and have been exposed for their inefficiency. The Lakers will be unable to contain the offense of the opposing team without Reaves.

He has a high basketball IQ

It is clear that Austin Reaves has a high basketball intelligence. In fact, it is well-known among NBA players. This young center has a very high basketball IQ, which makes him an excellent choice for the Lakers. Reaves has also been called a jack-of-all-trades. He is a highly sought-after cult figure among Lakers fans. But, Reaves never reads his own social media posts. Reaves enjoys speaking to his friends and followers on his podcast Silver Screen and Roll and Twitter.

His competitive spirit has earned him praise from many, including former Pistons head coach David Blatt. The young Reaves’ competitiveness and competitive spirit were evident when he made his first NBA basket, an open lane jumper against the Suns. Vogel was fired after the team struggled to find a rhythm. Despite the doubts of the Pistons Reaves’ parents were optimistic and knew that he would find a good match after the draft.

Reaves is a self-taught player with a basketball IQ that rivals James’. His father, Spencer, thought Austin had some potential but told him it would take a lot of hard work to become a star in basketball. Austin didn’t want to make that decision and preferred to play baseball. But his father, a retired basketball player, encouraged him to take up the sport. He was never able reach that level of success but found inspiration in Joe Ingles.

Austin Reaves, a Lakers player, has impressed them with his basketball intelligence and mature floor game. After going undrafted last year, he signed a two-way contract with the Lakers, which was later converted to a standard NBA contract. Despite his lack of stardom, Reaves has quickly made himself a fan favorite. Despite being a rookie, Reaves has impressed the Lakers’ front office and even LeBron James, the team’s most popular player.

He has had to deal with sub-concussive attacks

Sub-concussive blows have been reported by many players, including the Lakers’ star forward. Reaves is notorious for flirting with the floor, and it seems as though his teammates are attempting to take advantage of his love for the floor. His buzzer-beater against Dallas Mavericks was followed by his teammates slamming Reaves on the court.

While the Lakers’ star forward is a role player, his shooting has been a huge problem. Prior to Sunday’s game, Reaves was shooting 40.9% from the field and 26% from behind the 3-point line. It is possible that Wall, the young Lakers superstar, was benched to make him more at ease on the big stage.

He has also experienced some rookie hazing

Austin Reaves, a rookie point guard, has experienced some rookie haze playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Reaves says that most of the hazing is over now that Russell Westbrook, a veteran point guard, has joined the team. The Lakers’ young star has said that he did not experience a lot of it until Rondo was traded to the Thunder. Apparently, the rookie hazing is normal and nothing to worry about, but Reaves did experience a few incidents.

After the All-Star break, Reaves started his first game of his career against the Clippers. He said there was no hazing at the time but that he was made to do things by Rondo on the road. He believed he could learn from Cavs’ four-time All-Star, because he used to haze young players. But Reaves has been a victim of some rookie hazing himself.

Reaves, who had a disappointing season, reaffirmed to the Lakers’ fans the essence of the game in his walk-off interview. To show that the season was over, he used the word “joy”, in his walk-off interview. Reaves was an integral part of the Lakers’ postseason run. He’s had a tough start to his Lakers career and is still learning, but his positive attitude has reassured the team and fans.

Despite the hazing, Reaves has been a revelation for the Lakers. After being picked as an undrafted free agent, he has gone from a two-way player to a standard contract. He is now a part of the rotation and is showing signs of growth. He has missed time due to a hamstring injury and COVID protocols, but despite the rough start, he has held up well throughout the season.

Austin Reaves Discusses Special Moment Hitting a 3-Pointer For the Lakers
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