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If you’re curious about the height of bachelor Clayton, read on! This American television personality appeared on season 18 and season 26 of The Bachelor. He played college football at the University of Missouri, and spent training camp in 2016 with the Seattle Seahawks.

Clayton Echard is a former NFL player

Clayton Echard, a former NFL player who appeared on Good Morning America, is now a medical sales representative. He is also a bachelor. This Missouri native went undrafted in 2016, but later signed with the Seattle Seahawks on a free agent contract. After playing in four preseason matches, he advanced to the first round cutters. His family is from Lake St. Louis so he is used to being outdoors.

Echard and Evans reunited their parents after the season ended and ditched Recchia and Windey. The contestants can have sex in a fantasy suite, where they can meet up with the lead. Evans stated that she would not continue to date Echard if Echard had sex other women during this date. The next night, Echard and Evans slept together again, but after a fight, Evans ended the relationship.

Echard was a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia before joining the NFL. He studied health sciences and minored in Spanish and business. He now works as an orthopedic sales representative and hopes to eventually start his own business. In the summer of 2016, Echard signed with the Seattle Seahawks. He has been based in the Seattle area for the last 18 months. He is responsible for joint reconstruction and trauma.

Though the bachelor world has not yet met Clayton Echard, his role on the 26th season of “The Bachelorette” has gotten plenty of attention. The former NFL player and sales rep is currently enrolled in Southeast Missouri State University virtual classes and plans to graduate in 2023. Although the Bachelor’s season was his first, he has yet meet his future wife. This season, he will be joined by Michelle Young.

He has a bachelor’s degree in health sciences

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He is a sales representative for Stryker

Clayton started his career at a medical device company after he graduated from the University of Missouri. He later joined a marketing company before joining Stryker as a sales associate. Clayton was promoted to sales representative in January 2018. Clayton was previously a marketing assistant at an online selling company before he joined Stryker. To become a sales rep, he completed a comprehensive training program.

Born in Eureka, Missouri, Clayton Echard is a medical sales representative. He was a former NFL player, but he is not currently playing football. He has only appeared on a handful of television shows, which is different from many of his other roles. He was also a contestant in the 18th season’s Bachelorette. He was paired up with Michelle Young, a Woodbury elementary school teacher, Minnesota.

Although he has not publicly announced his dating status, he has appeared as a contestant on Season 18 of The Bachelorette. Since then, he has been working as a sales representative for Stryker, a medical device company. Although he has not yet announced a relationship, he has appeared in two seasons of “The Bachelorette” and has yet to get a girlfriend.

The height of the bachelor is approximately six feet four inches. His weight is 116kg, or approximately 255 pounds. Clayton Echard is an American citizen and has two brothers. He has a son, Patrick. Clayton Echard is also an accomplished hiker. Clayton Echard is 28 years old and most likely will be married in the future. You might be wondering what his height is.

He is a Taurus

Clayton Dawson has spent most of his 28th year of life working on reality television shows. His birthday will fall on April 29, 2022. Clayton is a Taurus, meaning he is organized, diligent, and hardworking. He is also known to be a bit stubborn and set in his ways. His zodiac sign is also related to his height: 6 feet, five inches.

The height of the upcoming Bachelorette will be 6 feet, 5 inches. The man has brown hair and is currently weighing 116 kilograms. Clayton was born in Columbia Missouri. He has not disclosed his family history. Clayton’s father is not known and he has not revealed the names of his siblings. Clayton is currently single and seeking a serious relationship. His parents have never had children. This means that he is seeking a woman who shares his interests.

The relationship between an Aries and a Taurus started with passion, but quickly deteriorated after they had trouble communicating. As a Taurus, Clayton has been stubborn and illogical, and it was difficult to communicate with a Leo. This erratic behavior was evident during the rose ceremony when he suddenly became defensive. Then, he became a Taurus bachelor, resulting in an ecstatic moment for Shanae.

Clayton Echard, a Taurus, is American and belongs to the white race. His father is Brian Echard, and his mother Kelly Duff Echard. He has two siblings, a brother and a sister. His relationship status is still unknown, but Clayton is open to getting involved in a relationship. His height means that he is likely to find a woman who shares his interests.

He is a part-time agent with Striker Otheopaedis

The Bachelor’s season six premiere is set to take place in Missouri on Thursday, June 12. This season’s cast will be made up of two men, one of whom is an agent for Striker Otheopaeds. They will be working with the same team and compete against one another on the island. Their assets are valued at 1.9 million dollars.

Clayton was a professional soccer player and quit his job to pursue the reality TV show. He is now a part-time agent for Striker Orthopaedis (a company that specializes in orthopedics) as of July 2016. Though he has not left his current position with Stryker, he appears to be content with his decision to appear on actuality television. He will celebrate his 28th birthday on April 29, 2022. His zodiac sign is Taurus, which makes him hard-working and set-in-his-methods.

The next Bachelor lead is from Eureka, Missouri. His Facebook page already shares special cocktails in Clayton’s honor. The Eureka community took to social media to welcome Clayton Height. Clayton Height is 6 feet, 5 inches tall, which makes him similar to the former Bachelorette star Matt James. After graduating from college, he signed an undrafted free agent contract with the Seattle Seahawks, but was cut before the season started. Although the Bachelor season premiere has not yet been aired, Striker Otheopaedis, his former employer, has not revealed his current position.

Clayton Echard, a former NFL player, will be part of the Bachelor season 26 cast. He is a part-time agent with Stryker Otheopaedis, a part-time agent with the company. He is an American citizen. He is the father of two siblings. He joined the company in January 2018 but was previously a sales associate.

Bachelor Clayton Height
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