Baseball-Bundesliga Salaries

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The Baseball-Bundesliga is a professional league in the European Union, but not all players are paid professionally. Some players earn up to 500 Euros per month as import players. These players don’t have a European Union passport, but they are equivalent to Major League Soccer players. While the salaries of import players can vary, most players are locals who started to play baseball at age 12. The average player earns less than EUR2,550 a month.

Among the best European leagues are the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. Italy has represented the region since 2006 in the World Baseball Classic. Spain, France and Belgium also have native players who are competitive. Italy is represented every year in the World Baseball Classic. The average season attendance in Germany’s Bundesliga was 170,000. However, the most high-paid players are those from Switzerland and Sweden. Those from the Netherlands, Belgium, and France also make good money.

Baseball-Bundesliga Salaries
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