Bay Area Buggs Net Worth


Bay Area Buggs is known for his Grand Theft Auto content, he is also a big fan of games such as Bus Simulator and American Truck Simulator.

Along with TheNorthernAlex, Zach Houseknecht, Polecat324, and Bay Area Buggs, he was a member of Code Zero Gaming. He was a part of Machinima.

Early life 

He was born on November 2, 1992, in the Straight Area of California.

Brandon turney moved to Florida in 2018. He holds an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. He has not had much information about his parents to the public.


Brandon’s sole objective when he first launched his channel was to upload video games. He started with the distinctive mode known as LCPDFR in the well-known video game.

“Grand Theft Auto 4” he has since played a few games, but right now his main focus is uploading gameplay videos for Grand Theft Auto 

The first video on Brandon’s YouTube channel is titled “GTA IV Liberty City D.O.T Texture Mod.” He plays Grand Theft Auto in the video: He showcases a texture modification pack he created for Liberty City Stories.

Bay Area Buggs once belonged to the “Code Zero” online gaming community. Polecat324, TheNorthernAlex, Y0 TELEX, frooglesim, Jeff Favignano, SteveTheGamer55, BLacKHaLLoW, and Zach Houseknecht were different individuals from this gaming bunch. The official end date of this gaming bundle is obscure, yet we can expect it to start at some point in 2015 and finish in September 2017.

Before the group disbanded, they would record themselves role-playing in GTA 5. They pretended in a police and burglar style, which made for a more relaxed and happy experience. Some of the members have continued to play together since that time, but the majority have stopped making content together. Bay Area Buggs, Jeff Favignano, and Zach Houseknecht are the remaining former members who continue to work together on recording projects.

Net worth 

Brandon has a net worth of $1.45 million as of August 2022, according to Net Worth Spot. The videos on the Bay Area Buggs YouTube channel are viewed by more than 200.94 thousand people each day. YouTubers can earn anywhere from $3 to $7 per thousand views, on average. The Bay Area Buggs YouTube channel earns $361.68 thousand annually and $24.11 thousand in monthly advertising revenue, as reported by Net Worth Spot. If they make more than average, advertisements could bring in up to $651.03 thousand per year for Bay Area Buggs.

He has owned several muscle cars. Some of his vehicles include a Harley street XG750, a Suzuki GSXR 500, and an entire Mustang de-badged. As a car enthusiast, he has a passion for these cars. 

Social media 

Brandon has a large following on all of the social media platforms where he is active.

He has more than 61k followers and more than 104k channel views on Twitch. He has more than 149k Instagram followers and more than 86k Twitter followers

On his channel, Brandon uploads videos every day. His videos are watched by hundreds of thousands of people. He mostly makes videos of how to play GTA Online, but he also occasionally plays Police Shootout, Sniper Elite 5, and other games.


Bay Area Buggs prefers to keep his personal life private, but it appears he’s happy in his current lifestyle. Although he has not been married yet, he has had several relationships. These relationships are often described as dating. Because he hasn’t been married for many years, it’s safe to say saying his life.


The number of subscribers to his YouTube channel titled “Bay Area Buggs” has surpassed 2.2 million.

Facts: “GTA 5 Roleplay – DOJ 247 – SuperCar  Speeders (Criminal)” and “GTA 5 Roleplay – DOJ 396 – Fastest Speeding Ticket” are his most popular YouTube videos. He has been a member of the Code Zero Gaming gaming community. 


In conclusion, Bay area Buggs has made a name for himself as a Youtuber and content creator  His creativity and unique style have enabled him to reach millions of fans around the world. His success story demonstrates that hard work, dedication, and creativity can create great rewards for those who pursue their dreams. 

Bay Area Buggs Net Worth
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