BBQ Fest at Summerfest Ventura

Summerfest Ventura’s BBQ Fest is a must-see for foodies. There are many food and drink options, as well as live music, classic cars, and tastings of craft beer and whiskey. The next BBQ Festival will be held on June 26, 2022. This city is known for its rich artistic culture. It’s also a popular destination among barbecue lovers.

The festival’s eclectic cultural offerings are organized by the Ventura County Arts Council, which has a partnership with the City of Ventura. Admission to special events is free, though tickets may be required. Special events are subject to ticket availability, so check the event schedule before you go. You will also find live entertainment and delicious food, as well as a variety of crafts vendors. The 4th of July Street Fair is the largest event of the season.

In November 2011, the consultant team presented an interim report to the council. They recommended a more visible and proactive role for the City in dealing with the VCLS. The City should also decide to move away from the County Library and instead create a city-run library. The steering committee did outreach and gathered input from many community events. This will help make the library more accessible to local residents. The library is currently facing many challenges.

BBQ Fest at Summerfest Ventura
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