Bears Vs Broncos 2019

The Chicago Bears will play the Denver Broncos on Sunday, Sept. 15, in Denver, Colorado. As the division favorites, this game should be an easy one for the home team. After the Green Bay Packers held Chicago to three points last year, Chicago was 0-1. The Bears won the Super Bowl and the division despite that. But how will the Bears fare against Denver this year?

Denver has a terrible defense that allows opponents to score touchdowns on almost every play. Mitch Trubisky has a very short touchdown-to-interception ratio. He needs to improve on that in the remaining games. He is not a world-beater but he can reach his full potential. This game will be a test to see how Trubisky’s defense reacts to the pressure.

The Chicago Bears start well this year, but the Broncos are still a contender. The Bears have lost only three games in succession. They lost the first meeting by one point but were still very close to making it to the Super Bowl. Denver won by a score of one. The record of the team that was expected to win Sunday’s game was 0-4. The Bears are now at 3-2 and can win this game by a margin of two to three games.

The Denver Broncos had a chance at tying the game but failed to do so. In the fourth quarter, Emmanuel Sanders’ touchdown catch put Denver up 14-13. The Broncos missed an additional point. The game ended with a field goal. However, the Broncos missed an opportunity to move closer. The Broncos scored two points in the fourth quarter. They couldn’t convert and lost 14-13.

The Broncos make a big play on the final drive to keep the game interesting. Denver’s first down is inside the five-yard line. They convert the fourth down at the Bears’ 41. Emmanuel Sanders catches a 21 yard pass down the middle on the Broncos’ next drive. It’s the longest play from scrimmage for either team this season.

On the other hand, the Chicago Bears offense struggled to move the ball down the field and into the end zone. They only managed 273 yards total offense and didn’t give up a touchdown until their final drive. The special teams on the Bears’ side of the ball were also effective, and they should continue that streak this Sunday. Although the Bears’ defense isn’t as strong as it was last season they still have the potential to win a Chicago road game.

Bears Vs Broncos 2019
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