Beatles 45 – Help I’m Down

If you’re searching for a Beatles 45, look no further than ‘Help I’m Down’. This timeless classic will put you in a good mood. Inspired by 1950s R&B songs, “I’m Down” sings about unrequited love in a celebratory and hysterical frenzy. Recorded by the Beatles during the sessions for their 1965 album Help!, this song marked the band’s first use of an electric organ, which they would not use again until they released ‘Ticket To Ride’ two years later. It is not surprising that ‘I’m Down’ has become one of the most well-known Beatles records due to its rarity.

The US and UK versions of the Beatles’ 45 were released one week apart, but the Beatles’ 45 was printed by different companies. While most copies were released by Compo, RCA produced around 5% of the ‘Help I’m Down’ 45. Both labels have slightly different logos. In the UK, the ‘Help I’m Down’ 45 is credited to the Beatles, while the US and Canada versions were issued by Polydor.

The single was released a week before its US release. The metal parts used in its production were shipped to RCA in Smiths Falls, Ontario, where the 45 was pressed. The 45 was released in a plain black paper sleeve, as no picture sleeves were imported from the US. Later repressings, including the one in the US, had a large matrix number with no dash and corrected credits.

Beatles 45 – Help I’m Down
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