Ben Blackwell

Ben Blackwell

Blackwell was raised on the leafy streets of Detroit, Michigan and has since 1999 been immersed in the overhyped underground rock scene as both a drummer for Dirtbombs and through Cass Records. Additionally, he contributes content for Creem Magazine Online, Careless Talk Costs Lives and Chunklet Magazine among many other publications.

Early Life and Education

In 1832 Samuel Blackwell moved his family from England to Cincinnati, Ohio. Emily Blackwell was painfully shy but had an inquiring mind; she conducted scientific experiments in their attic as well as reading medical books.

Blackwell applied for medical school applications throughout 1846. She received rejection letters from each, yet remained determined to pursue medicine. Ultimately she approached Dr. Warrington of Philadelphia; who was impressed with Blackwell’s earnestness and determination.

Warrington agreed to mentor her. He introduced her to his medical friends, permitted her to attend lectures, encouraged her to accompany him on house calls and she studied under local physicians and pharmacists – eventually graduating top of her class from Geneva College on January 29, 1849.

Professional Career

Blackwell Publishing (Holdings) Ltd is one of the world’s premier independent publishers of scholarly journals, offering more than 800 journals across medical, academic, and scientific subjects. Furthermore, they publish books and monographs in partnership with academic and professional societies.

Blackwell has written articles for numerous publications, such as Creem Magazine Online, Careless Talk Costs Lives, Metro Times and Chunklet magazine – as well as his own blog Tremble Under Boom Lights. In addition, he has participated in songwriting challenges with artists like Dierks Bentley and Dhani Harrison.

Third Man Records’ co-founder and minority owner is music producer and official archivist for The White Stripes, while also serving as drummer of Detroit rock band The Dirtbombs and running his own record label called Cass Records.

Achievement and Honors

Blackwell is a drummer for Detroit-based rock band The Dirtbombs and co-founder of Third Man Records. Additionally, he blogs at Tremble Under Boom Lights and contributes content for magazines such as Creem Magazine Online, Careless Talk Costs Lives magazine and Chunklet Magazine.

Blackwell boasts an extensive family tree that includes photos, original documents, relatives and specific dates, locations and full names of their relatives. He has received several honors and awards throughout his career – such as 2004 Rolling Stone College Journalism Award.

Ben Blackwell is also an accomplished musician, having released two albums with The Disciples of Soul as well as one solo effort under his own name, Ben Blackwell. Currently living in Pilot Knob, Missouri; his parents are Aron Blackwell and Daisy Blackwell.

Personal Life

Ben Blackwell is an award-winning musician, drummer for Detroit rock band Dirtbombs, writer, music critic for alternative weeklies, and runs his own small record label Cass Records that specializes in 7-inch single releases. Blackwell takes great pride in not signing artists but reaching one-time deals to release their songs – which has won him wide acclaim from various publications and independent music critics alike.

Blackwell has contributed his writing to various publications, such as Creem Magazine Online, Careless Talk Costs Lives and Metro Times. Additionally, he launched the Tremble Under Boom Lights blog – named for Jonathan Fire*Eater’s EP of that name – as an outlet.

He spends his free time riding motorcycles and woodworking. Located in Nashville with Malissa and their two dogs.

Net Worth

Blackwell is estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $3 Million dollars, primarily earned from his career in Musician.

He established Cass Records, a popular record label offering one-off deals to release songs on 7-inch vinyl records. Additionally, he wrote for Rolling Stone magazine and won multiple journalism awards.

Ben has built his practice around helping families navigate the complexity of both their personal and financial worlds, with a particular emphasis on helping individuals overcome problems caused by advisors putting too much risk into their clients without adequately planning for income needs, tax implications and estate issues. Ben also assists families in setting up and managing private foundations while spending quality time with his children while volunteering in his community.

Ben Blackwell
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