Ben Gernandt

Ben Gernandt – HGTV Host and Broker at Benjamin Homes

Ben Gernandt of Ben Gernandt Realty in New York City brings extensive expertise in residential and commercial real estate to each transaction he takes on, whether that involves an adobe home in Colombia or renovating chic apartments in Manhattan. With years of experience that few others can match, his focus remains on adding value for his clients.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Banneker defied all odds to achieve his life goals despite being born into slavery. He learned various trades before eventually becoming a printer. Additionally, he studied astronomy and published an almanac that was later sent to Thomas Jefferson.

He worked to shut down establishments that encouraged children to commit criminal acts. His belief that children could be rehabilitated instead of sent to prison proved successful in doing so.

After graduating from Farmers College in Cincinnati, he married Caroline Lavinia Scott and relocated to Indiana where he practiced law. While in Indiana he also supported anti-slavery Republican politics as well as being known for his observations on cicada cycles – pioneering civil rights as well as astronomy!

Professional Career

Ben has spent his professional life working in various roles. After starting off in sales, he transitioned into the legal field as an Assistant Attorney General of Michigan requiring travel across the state.

Ben was determined to find work-from-home opportunities that were flexible enough to meet his family’s changing needs, and ultimately found success through FlexJobs in finding a full-time dialogue designer position with West Corporation, an IT services company.

Ben prides himself on his strong work ethic and professionalism, knowledge and communication skills. Combining both real estate and life experiences to provide his clients with top tier service is Ben’s goal. With extensive knowledge in all facets of real estate sales – investments properties, vacant land for 1031 exchanges, new construction builders, resale homes multifamily and commercial sales; Ben is ready to deliver exceptional real estate service for his clients.

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin Homes provides a program that assists mentally challenged adults to enjoy comfortable and flexible lives, encouraging family members, friends, and community involvement while still allowing each resident to pursue his/her individual interests – something other residential care homes don’t do as readily.

Benjamin House will offer high levels of personalized care, so staff must possess an array of education and experience. Furthermore, regular training by an in-house mental health professional is crucial.

Benjamin House will work closely with area providers to access a full array of federal insurance and assistance programs at Regional, State and Federal levels; however, additional private funding in the form of endowments and bequests will be essential if this unique empowering program is to succeed.

Personal Life

Ben enjoys spending his free time renovating homes for HGTV while spending quality time with Erin, his wife. Unfortunately, their lives together were recently rocked by tragedy when Erin experienced miscarriage and then had her appendix removed.

Letters were an integral component to their relationship. While often practical and providing necessary details to one another, these also often included expressions of affection – they addressed each other with pet names and looked forward to reuniting someday.

As a judge, Ben looked for ways to rehabilitate kids rather than send them to jail. He advocated for an eight-hour work day for adults and earning rights for children; opening parks; and closing establishments that push them towards crime – becoming known as the “kid’s judge”. For his efforts he earned himself the moniker “kid’s judge”.

Net Worth

Ben Mallah is a multimillionaire who uses his money to live the lifestyle of his dreams. His story illustrates how hard work and persistence can lead to success in real estate investment.

Ben is also a car enthusiast, possessing an impressive collection of luxury vehicles and even racecars. Additionally, he hosts an acclaimed YouTube channel where he shares his expertise about real estate investing with others.

He is highly knowledgeable of the property market, utilizing his insight to assist his clients in finding homes to suit their individual needs. With offices located both in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills in California, his firm offers both residential and commercial real estate.

Ben Gernandt
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