Ben Harrow

Ben Harrow – Unsung Hero

Benjamin Harrow is an honorably decorated United States Army Captain who attended Woodberry Forest School and then West Point Military Academy before serving his nation honorably as part of the U.S. military.

Harrow was killed during an anti-terrorism mission in Afghanistan when he accidentally stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED). It exploded, leaving both legs above the knee dismembered as well as two fingers and part of his right arm severed from its sockets.

Early Life and Education

Ben was raised on Long Island and excelled both as a scholar and athlete before attending West Point, graduating with honors. Subsequently enlisting with the Army Ranger School program. Later becoming an expert commander of Army Special Forces.

Ben was severely injured when he stepped on an IED during a patrol mission in May 2012. Doctors told him he would remain wheelchair-bound forever. Determined not to accept this fate, Ben researched new procedures which allowed him to grow back 6.5 inches of his femur — setting world records for recovery! Now able to walk, run, play lacrosse and compete at the highest levels in sled hockey tournaments, Ben continues to embody resilience, perseverance and triumph in spite of adversity.

Professional Career

After graduating from West Point, Ben Harrow went on to become a decorated Army officer and Green Beret. On his third deployment to Afghanistan – when stepping on an IED was detonated by accident, losing both legs above the knee, two fingers, as well as significant portions of his right arm.

Harrow hails from Long Island and became an Army lacrosse short stick midfielder before graduating Infantry Officer Basic courses, Ranger School and finally Special Forces Qualification “Q” course.

Gina, also from Long Island, worked for American Express and resided in Greensboro, North Carolina – around 180 round-trip miles away from Fort Bragg. Even with her demanding career and family obligations, Gina never stopped volunteering at events such as Shootout for Soldiers.

Achievement and Honors

Ben Harrow was an accomplished officer and distinguished American hero. After attending Woodberry Forest School and the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he excelled as an outstanding lacrosse player – leading his team to several conference championships while winning the Unsung Hero award during his senior year – Ben was honored as an officer and hero for his contributions in battle.

He went on to become an Army Green Beret and in May 2012 while on an anti-terrorism mission in Afghanistan stepped on an IED that caused significant injury; both legs above the knee, two fingers and significant portions of his right forearm were lost as a result of this tragic event.

Michael chose this Special Operations veteran as one of his selections to support during the Tunnel to Towers run, and Team Schlitz will ruck march in his honor this September. To find out more and how you can assist them please click here.

Personal Life

Harrow relied on family and faith for support during his personal tragedy, along with Gina as their strong base of support to adjust and rebuild their lives.

After stepping on an IED, Harrow was hospitalized for months as doctors battled four bacterial and two fungal infections that persisted in infecting healthy tissue. Withdrawing every bit of strength from both his mind and body to defy medical expectations and beat odds was no mean feat – Harrow showed remarkable resilience as his health steadily improved under their care.

Harrow made a promise to Erik Mineo, his friend and Army Green Beret teammate, that they would one day play lacrosse together again following his accident. Harrow will fulfill that pledge at Shootout for Soldiers Baltimore this June; Mineo has always stood up for Harrow since their days together at West Point prep school and West Point itself.

Net Worth

Benjamin Harrow is an American hero, double amputee, and retired military officer who was honored to receive an appointment to West Point as an undergraduate. While serving with Green Berets until May 5, 2012 when stepping on an IED resulted in the amputation of both legs below the knee as well as part of his right arm.

Harrow has maintained an upbeat attitude during his rehabilitation and pursued his passions regardless of his injuries. He reignited his passion for lacrosse and competes internationally in sled hockey tournaments; also serving as goalie on a charity lacrosse team that raises funds and awareness for veterans and their families; making a promise to his former teammate Erik Mineo that they will play again, this time on an arena court field of competition.

Ben Harrow
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