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Ben Carroll Tharp

Ben and Riley infiltrate the National Archives undercover as workmen while Ian’s henchmen watch from nearby. They take possession of the Declaration, but it does not offer any clues.

By decoding the meerschaum pipe clue, they discover a symbol on a wall which opens another door into an enormous room that remains vacant.

Early Life and Education

People can often be described as mosaics woven together from events and experiences from their lives, woven together like threads of a tapestry. Benjamin Carroll Tharp was no different – his life included numerous events which added color, strength, and value to his overall tapestry – particularly during times of great change both nationally and at The University of Texas where his field of botanical science flourished at great speed.

At an early stage, he advocated armed resistance as an effective means of distancing themselves from Great Britain. He served in both the Continental Congress and Board of War for much of the War of Independence before helping to write Maryland’s state constitution.

B. C was an extraordinary individual with many talents and interests, including playing his saxophone in dance bands on weekends and evenings. His life was full of challenge as he overcame it all, including polio.

Professional Career

Pastor Benjamin Carroll is an inspiring teacher and speaker renowned for his powerful views into Christian living that leave many inspired to do God’s will. He has participated in multiple church ministries worldwide as well as speaking at large audiences worldwide.

Michael and Mary Jaharis Science Laboratories open, joining Wisconsin’s university system as Carroll University. Courses covering government, economics, sociology, education and domestic science are added transforming it to four-year school status.

Carroll College creates the nation’s inaugural volunteer center. A three-year AmeriCorps* VISTA grant is given, and Sneeden House, a 1922 colonial mansion is restored for restoration purposes; Phi Theta Pi fraternity was then established, while Carroll entered into partnership with Waukesha Free Clinic.

Achievement and Honors

Carroll currently works with throwers as part of his assistant men’s track and field coaching duties at Carroll College. He holds Level 2 certification with United States Track and Field in Sports Science with a specialization in throwing; additionally he is a member of USTFCCCA.

This award recognizes a graduating senior’s outstanding academic scholarship, development of strong character, leadership ability and service to society. It is one of the highest accolades offered by the department of communication studies and public relations.

Ben is supported by his family, including sisters Jennifer Lopez Jorge and Wendy Dammarell Ryan; grandmother Arden Ibatuan, uncles Pat and Bill Booth and Christine and Richard Grantham as well as many friends. Ben inspires those around him with his positive outlook and sharp wit – an exemplar for others to emulate.

Personal Life

Ben Carroll lived life to the fullest and never allowed anything to derail him from doing what he loved – botany. As an avid botanist he made invaluable contributions in understanding Texas vegetation and building the University of Texas Herbarium as well as making many field collections which other researchers utilized in their work.

Georgia Anna Stokes was his wife; their six children together included one Civil War Veteran from Co. B 4th Texas Cavalry Parson’s Brigade that served under Willis B Stokes & Judith Ann Harper whose funeral took place with Masonic honors at his Dresden, Navarro County home.

He was a man of strong faith who deeply cared for his family. Additionally, he was very sociable and had a lively sense of humor.

Net Worth

Carroll was widely considered to be one of the richest men of his era, as well as being among the wealthiest and best educated of those who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Carroll was an owner and major shareholder in several canal, turnpike and bridge companies during his lifetime, in addition to investing in banks and other businesses. Additionally, he was an integral component of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

He served on Maryland’s First Committee of Safety and was sent on a four-man diplomatic mission to Quebec to seek support for their war against Great Britain.

Ben Carroll reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million from his career as a Politician and member of Australian Parliament, representing Niddrie.

benjamin carroll
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