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Benjamin Gunnar Review

The Gunnar comes equipped with a heavy-duty hard case designed to accommodate it with its scope attached. This feature is something other air rifle manufacturers don’t offer.

HAM testers noted the soft yet grippy buttpad, as well as multiple raised positions of the cheekpiece, as providing ample opportunities to achieve a tight cheek weld with any position of the stock.

Early Life and Education

Gunnar earned three varsity letters in track and field. He won both Dahlberg’s pole vault championship as well as placing second at state in this event.

He began writing during his early teens and produced two collections of poetry before reaching 17. By 1912 he completed the first volume of his novel Borgslaegtens historie (“The Family from Borg”) which became a Scandinavian best seller.

Since then, Gunnar has published over 40 novels as well as short stories and articles. Additionally, he has done voice-over work for multiple commercials, films and television shows; as an actor himself he has appeared in multiple movies since age three.

Professional Career

The Gunnar is an elegant PCP air rifle featuring bottle forward regulated design operating at 3000 PSI and boasting fully shrouded barrel with sound suppression system as well as an adaptor enabling use of silencers dedicated to airguns.

HAM testers found the Gunnar to be an extremely quiet shooter; indeed, during testing review they didn’t need to raise its adjustable cheekpiece at all!

Ben is passionate about helping others take control of their financial lives in ways that bring fulfillment and joy, while remaining increasingly generous while planning for an enjoyable retirement. In his free time he enjoys pinball, collecting cars and traveling warm destinations with his wife and young son Deacon. Since 2008 Ben has been an active member of Thrivent; currently serving as advisor at Lakeside Legacy Centennial.

Achievement and Honors

The Benjamin Gunnar PCP rifle features an elegant side-lever operation and can be made even quieter through its optional adapter for aftermarket airgun moderators.

The Gunnar features a 500cc aluminum bottle capable of filling to 3000psi and comes equipped with two 10-shot magazines (for.22 and.25 caliber rifles) as well as an internal adjustable regulator and five position transfer port adjuster.

Our HAM Test Team expected that raising the cheek piece on the stock would be necessary in order to obtain an optimal cheek weld when using this airgun, but that wasn’t necessary at all! Furthermore, this lightweight airgun balances well and our testers thought the Gunnar represented excellent value.

Personal Life

Ben is an enthusiastic Centennial alum who finds great pleasure in helping people discover ways to enhance their lives, be more generous and make an impactful difference, plan for retirement comfortably and ensure tax efficient investing returns the highest rate of return possible. Since 2008 he has been with Thrivent Financial.

Ben serves on multiple community boards and coaches youth sports. Ben and Ashley live with Deacon – an avid hockey player – in Blaine, MN where they attend Bridge Church as active community members.

As a musician, he was one of the founding members of Teachers collective and co-founded Green Owl Records, recording with Kanye West and Bon Iver among many other artists.

Net Worth

Benjamin Gunnar has an estimated net worth of $394 thousand dollars and works as the Senior Communications Director for AFIRE, having extensive experience across commercial real estate, professional services, association leadership, education and thought leadership.

He lives on an expansive ranch in Nevada with his three sons and the Chinese immigrant cook Hop Sing from China. Hop Sing is depicted as generous man; strict with his sons but sympathetic towards those less fortunate.

Last year, Griffin’s stock funds experienced some losses due to the tech sector’s instability; nonetheless, his hedge fund has been profitable ever since its inception and returned $7 billion back to investors. Furthermore, Griffin is actively invested in several ventures; serving as both strategic advisor and principal investor at Algae Systems carbon capture project as well as associate managing director at Global Thermostat bio-fuel company.

Benjamin Gunnar
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