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Benjamin Hamlet – Real Estate Professional

Hamlet is a play about the tensions between appearance and reality and how difficult it is to get to know other people.

Hamlet’s play is preoccupied with images of decay and corruption, particularly how society itself can be undermined by corruption within its institutions.

Early Life and Education

Ben began his legal career with extensive trial experience, giving him an intimate knowledge of law and sharpening his advocacy skills on behalf of clients. Ben believes a close working relationship between himself and his clients is paramount for their success.

Hamlet has long been the subject of philosophical interpretation, from Nietzsche’s insistence that ancient tragedy be Dionysian to Benjamin’s analysis of dialectical overcoming of modernity in Origin of German Trauerspiel. Most recently, Howard Eiland released a new English translation and introduction for this classic work.

Garrick’s performance cemented Hamlet as one of the most demanding roles in classical theatre. His emphasis on gesture and diction, combined with a refusal to indulge in histrionics, created an exceptional intensity of expression during his performance.

Professional Career

Ben has found success in Real Estate as well as enjoying family time, bass guitar playing and reading ancient philosophy. Since 2004, he has been at Hamlet Homes, helping revitalize their business during a market downturn period. Ben holds both Utah Real Estate Licenses as well as membership of Home Builders Association.

As the leading actor-manager of the eighteenth century, David Garrick emphasized familial bonds and emotions when portraying Hamlet. John Philip Kemble and Edmund Kean, his successors as actor/managers respectively, usually cast him with stately bearing. Henry Irving managed to capture Prince Hamlet’s youthful changeability and rapid thoughts as an individual; and portrayed Ophelia as an intensely painful figure which differed dramatically from tradition depictions of an adorable child.

Achievement and Honors

John Gielgud was widely recognized in the 20th century as an outstanding Hamlet performer on both stage and film, garnering critical acclaim for his exceptional vocal technique, expressive power and ability to portray Hamlet’s youthful fluctuation and unpredictable thought processes. Additionally he directed Richard Burton in a 1964 production which held the longest run ever for any Hamlet on Broadway; additionally he appeared alongside Innokenti Smoktunovsky in Grigori Kozintsev’s Soviet adaptation with Innokenti Kozintsev’s Soviet film version with Grigori Kozintsev playing Hamlet himself.

Ben was honored with being chosen College of Science valedictorian and awarded the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship. Additionally, he has received several prestigious scholarships, such as National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration Hollings Scholarship Award, DAAD Undergraduate Scholar Award, and National Geographic Young Explorer Scholarships. Lastly, he studied hamlets a Caribbean reef fish species that is critically endangered with fieldwork to protect their populations a top priority.

Personal Life

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Jonson’s plays exhibit both his conscientious artistic sensibility and immense knowledge. He attempted to follow classical unities of time and place in crafting his plots; nevertheless, Jonson considered himself more of a satiric historian than dramatist.

John Gielgud’s interpretations of Hamlet were powerfully and deeply reflective of its subject’s youthful changeability and quickened thought process. He gave Hamlet an intelligence that stood out amongst his surroundings, as well as shaking up theatre traditions by adding sharp adviser Horatio instead of old fool Polonius; his performance of Hamlet was remarkable for its depth, power and expressive voice – truly incredible work indeed!

Net Worth

As a hobby, he enjoys golf and relaxing at the beach, as well as taking part in adventure races. Additionally, he owns several cars including Jaguar F-Types and Aston Martins as well as owning a 19th century castle in England.

Hamlet is one of the most celebrated roles in classical theatre, having been played by virtually all leading actors from every generation. John Gielgud directed Richard Burton five times in this role during the 20th century and recorded live performances for broadcast on Electronovision.

Ben Kingsley has enjoyed an extraordinary career in both stage plays and major film projects. A legend himself, he has left an indelible mark upon both genres with some astounding work throughout his career – not forgetting his massive fan base!

Benjamin Hamlet
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