Benjamin Morrow

Biography of Benjamin Morrow

Morrow is an author and editor whose works include Swatting at the Cosmos and City of Truth. Additionally, he edited the 26th, 27th, and 28th Nebula Award anthologies.

At the Hearing, Morrow attempted to demonstrate that Sergeant Powell made misleading statements and intentionally withheld material information from his Affidavit; however, this argument failed to satisfy the two-prong Franks test set by the Court for suppression.

Early Life and Education

Morrow was known for being hard working and well-liked among his colleagues and acquaintances, being friendly when meeting new people while keeping his personal life private. He worked as an associate scientist for Middleton company as well as quality control at Richelieu Foods of Beaver Dam.

Co-workers noted he was “very smart with chemistry” and claimed he memorized the periodic table of elements, yet they noticed peculiar behavior that made them suspicious he used volatile chemicals at home – such as coming to work smelling of mothballs and wearing clothes with tiny holes which may indicate presence of an explosive chemical such as naphthalene – an indicator of potential troublemaker activity.

At the hearing, the government argued that its search of Morrow’s home did not reveal false results and provided a further response afterward to more fully explain its position.

Professional Career

Morrow’s collection primarily comprises financial records related to his 1916 campaign for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Additionally, items include political materials such as stenographic services, posters, letterhead and letterpress material; as well as purchases such as dry cleaning services, newspaper subscriptions and country club memberships.

Morrow has served as head coach of Western State’s men’s tennis team since 2008, leading them to two GLIAC regular-season titles and six NCAA Tournament appearances during that time. Most recently in 2022, his squad featured seven All-GLIAC honorees – with sophomore Dominic Spicer being honored as first team All-GLIAC honoree.

Morrow also works as a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory, studying mechanical behavior of metals. His focus lies within structure-property relationships in hexagonal metals such as zirconium.

Achievement and Honors

Morrow accepted Jesus as his personal Savior at four-and-a-half years old and home schooled during most of his childhood before graduating from Pensacola Christian College with both pre-pharmacy and math bachelor degrees as well as minors. Additionally, Victory Baptist Church in Appleton Wisconsin welcomed him as one of its members.

Ava Morrow, Benjamin Morrow’s daughter, was honored as Twin Valley High School’s March Student of the Month for her participation in extracurricular activities and academic achievement. Ava is part of their Girls Basketball team and maintains an honor roll GPA.

Morrow’s work at Los Alamos centers around characterization of metals and structure-property relationships, research into hexagonal metal mechanical properties, and receiving awards such as TMS Young Leaders Professional Development Awards. He received this distinction this year.

Personal Life

As a world-class barista, Morrow not only is focused on his craft but is passionate about it as well. His dedication to latte art has seen him win several championship events.

Investigators discovered ammunition, a sniper rifle and various explosive chemicals at Morrow’s residence that may have been used to create TATP, used in deadly attacks in Paris and Manchester.

Morrow did not prove that Sergeant Powell intentionally withheld information regarding the presence of a child in order to create a false urgency and the motion was denied as such.

Benjamin Morrow
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