benjamin radd

Ben Shirley and the Quartet Quadre

The group established a set of criteria to guide their work together. This enabled them to establish an unmistakably distinct style while contributing significantly to contemporary art development.

RadD is an essential DNA repair protein in bacteria. It interacts with single-stranded DNA-binding protein (SSB), which coats exposed DNA during genome maintenance pathways, and this interaction serves several important purposes, including stimulating RecA DNA strand exchange and inhibiting crossover template switching.

Professional Career

Ben Shirley rose through the ranks of rock bands to become an accomplished concert composer and orchestrator, writing film music as well as recording with members of Pacifica Quartet and Quadre – two Grammy award-winning ensembles – before moving into solo composition work in his early 30s. Overcoming alcohol and drug dependency led him to Skid Row before his success became evident.

He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Kira and son Benny. He avidly follows both the Chicago Cubs and Bulls while enjoying ping pong and basketball – his favorite movies being Moneyball and Into the Wild; additionally he listens to Young Thug and Kygo.

benjamin radd
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