Benjamin Urban

Benjamin Urban

Benjamin Urban loved his family, friends, cacti, music, BMX bike riding and tarantulas – and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Benjamin saw Benjamin’s fascination with urban areas as a means to challenge traditional historical narratives and values.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin was born to German parents who had integrated Jewish heritage. At just 15, he joined Gustav Wyneken’s German Youth Movement and soon after began writing essays calling for educational and general cultural reform, engaging in life-long dialogues with Gershom Scholem and Theodor Adorno as well as initiating their correspondences.

In 1936, he published “The Work of Art in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction”, wherein he asserted that art’s aura had been diminished due to mechanical reproduction. In his argument he used Jewish mysticism known as tikkun as his basis; Kabbalah depicted this concept as the act of gathering up fragmented pieces to reconstruct whole things.

Ben enjoys spending his free time taking care of animals. With a rehab license in hand, he and his family assist injured or abandoned squirrels, pigeons that have fallen out of nests, feral hog babies and kittens alike.

Professional Career

Benjamin specializes in patent prosecution and counseling across several industries, tailoring his approach to meet his clients’ business objectives and competitive landscape in order to provide effective legal support in a timely fashion. With over 500 applications successfully prosecuted from inception to grant date across consumer electronics, software technologies, robotics, online gaming and medical devices he boasts considerable expertise in these areas as well.

Ben serves as Camber’s Global Health Co-Lead, leading values-align partnerships in order to develop work that facilitates strategic planning and resource mobilization for LMIC health systems and priorities; addresses global health issues including vaccine development/delivery/maternal/newborn health/infectious disease management/nutrition;

Achievement and Honors

Benjamin left behind an extensive body of work, which includes monographs, essays, reviews, collections of philosophical, historiographical, autobiographical vignettes and autobiographical stories; radio scripts; editions of letters and literary-historical documents, poems and fragmentary reflections that profoundly reshape our understanding of many important writers as well as writing itself. His philosophical content remains timeless with an engaging yet penetrating style that makes his writing deeply impactful today.

People who knew Benjamin in person recall him as possessing an almost blinding brilliance which pervaded his entire life, coupled with an almost incomprehensible sensuality which manifested itself through erotic adventurism and drug use. Benjamin maintained a hermetic space for experimentation which led to this elusiveness in his personality – one of his lasting legacies.

Personal Life

He has a passion for encouraging inner city youth who may lack the desire for formal education to do so and has developed a platform for them that provides motivation. Working closely with multiple schools, he ensures access to his program.

He is also an animal advocate, supporting their welfare with charitable efforts such as creating his YouTube channel to share videos of rescued pets he has saved from potential neglect or cruelty. On this platform he has built up quite a following as well.

Benjamin grew up in an environment which did not prioritize education. As a result, his life became very complicated after he began using drugs and alcohol, ultimately leading him into drug and alcohol dependency. Later in life, Ben decided he’d like to change his ways – taking on the responsibility for giving hope to young people of his city so that they may pursue their goals.

Net Worth

A person’s net worth can be defined as the sum total of their assets subtracted from liabilities; it provides an accurate snapshot of financial health. A positive net worth indicates that assets outweigh liabilities, providing emergency reserves.

Ben is an attorney specializing in real estate investors and developers on a broad array of transactions, from acquisition/disposition transactions, joint venture agreements, debt financing (including preferred equity and mezzanine debt financings), workouts and restructurings to workout agreements for institutional investors such as REITs, private equity funds, family offices and high net-worth individuals. Ben also plays an instrumental role in Goodwin’s nationally acclaimed Leisure & Hospitality practice group.

Benjamin Urban
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